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Alicia - Newbie here!


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Hi Everyone -

I went in for gallbladder surgery before Thanksgiving (I'm a Yank) and came out with a blinding headache. As it got progressively worse, they ruled out meningitis, aneurism, blood clots, etc. and finally concluded SAH. Whatever caused it reabsorbed immediately. Two months later I still feel like I have an ice pick in my brain while someone hammers my brain. Pain runs from a 1 - 2, to an 8 - 9, but much better than the 15+ two months ago. I've found this forum to be extremely helpful and thought I would finally join officially.



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Hi Alicia

So sorry to hear that you've joined our 'club', but thanks for sharing your story and I'm glad you've found this forum useful. Sorry they never found an explicit cause of your SAH - I had an intracerebral haemorrhage just over 2 months ago and they still haven't found a cause for mine, so I know that aspect is frustrating. I hope your headaches ease soon - thankfully since I've been given codeine I've managed to keep my head pain to less than 5.

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Hi Alicia,

I'm from Maryland. My bleed was non aneurysmal too. I assume yours was as well. I have learned a bleed is a bleed no matter how it happened so your brain needs to rest and get well again. It takes time. If you are worried and/or need questions answered please see your dr. Peace of mind helps the healing process immensely.

Drink plenty of water (helps headaches) and rest.


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