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Avm update

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Hi to all and hope your all getting on well!

I had my gamma knife it was ok - gotta wait 2 years now until they know if the Avm has been sealed up! I have suffered with 3 more seizures and take meds now which seem to be going ok.

It's just something I have to live with following scar tissue from the bleed!

My work friends hubby died yesterday from a brain bleed so it brought everything back home, so I wanted to get back in touch with all you that chatted to me in my initial days of worry and make sure your all ok and battling on like me :)


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Bev, great news on the gamma surgery, well done you. Sounds like the meds are helping too so hope that continues to manage things for you.

Awfully sad about your colleagues husband. We truly are lucky to be here and although I know we all have days which are a struggle it's still a joy and a blessing.

Take care

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Hi Bev,

I do hope all goes well for you this year. You have been through so much, from reading your threads. I am very sorry about your friends husband. It does bring back painful memories and that long journey back to health or as healthy as can be.

I am coming up on my one year mark in April, and I must say I do not want to repeat last year. Whew, what a long haul.

God Bless


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Every day, every month, every year is a bonus for us, those we love and those that love us.  Make the most of everyday and cherish all you hold dear.


In a sense, every day is like your birthday, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Year's Day all rolled into one - everyday you have the gift of life - unwrap it and enjoy it to the full.


Sorry to be so profound but that's how I feel!!


Bev, I feel for you and your friend and yes, we continue to battle on, we owe it to those who don't make it to try and make the most of our good fortune.  Glad the Gamma stuff went ok!


Iola, almost a year gone and you have experienced the long road to recovery, now probably understanding more fully what we tried to explain to you about how difficult it can be and to persevere.  You got there in the end - well done!



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Well put Macca, and Bev you keep bright and sing, smile and take life by the horns when you feel well enough.


I am getting more good days than bad but walking is hard on my back.  But considering I was told I would never walk again !!


You just get well and keep positive xx


Love to you


WinB143 xxx xxx  now smile xxx xxx

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