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This One Is For Us - Written by Faith, by fire.

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We, the survivors.   Brain aneurysms.  Those little “bubbles” that form within the arteries/vessels in our brains.   Some of ours decided to burst.  We then suffered what’s called a subarachnoid hemorrhage.  We survived strokes, seizures, emergency (probably more often than not, since these “bubbles” usually go unnoticed until/unless they rupture) brain surgery.  If we were fortunate enough, our aneurysms were caught before they could rupture.  However, we are all on an uphill battle, whether we ruptured or not.  We are strong.  We are fighters.  We are here to speak and hope that you understand what we’re trying to say.  Here are some things we would like you to know.




To continue reading more of this blog written by Faith, by fire, please click on the following link:-




(Submitted by BTG member Gill C)

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Oh wow, this is so well written. I like the part that mentions others turning the subject to sah all the time. In the early days, I was desperate to stop repeating the same story and to hear someone else's news, but it was as though no-one thought they should talk about themselves. Even now, if someone is describing how ill they've been, they'll often add the words 'obviously it's nothing like what you have been through' as if I've won some competition that I'm not aware of and they're afraid to steal my crown. 

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