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Friday 13th

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Just realised it's Friday 13th today ... well, yesterday wasn't a good day ... health wise it was fine, just everything else going wrong ... so hoping today will be a better one.

Sorry, Sami and Louise for not getting back to you, but I did read your postings. Sami, good to hear that your follow up appointment has come through and you can ask all of your questions and hopefully get some reassurance.

I saw my Mum yesterday. I haven't seen her for a couple of weeks, but I was quite taken aback by how frail she looked .... but she seemed in good spirits .... just hope that after next monday, once she's had her final scan, that they will start the treatment.

Anyway, going to busy myself with some sewing today and keep my mind off everything!

Speak to you later,

Love K x :)

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Yeh Friday 13th but hey it’s a number, actually it was October 13th that I meet Ronnie, we started work on the same day in the same place Years ago.Sorry to hear that you got a fright with your Mum I know how that can be believe me, I know its not the same thing at all but I can remember (yes some things do stay with me they’re usually powerful that’s why)

I was Looking into the mirror in the re-hab hospital & thinking who is that & actually looking behind me (kind of thing you’d see in a movie)

I didn’t recognize myself I was shocked it a horrible thing.

I hope to that they start treatment so you’re Mum will feel better & you will feel more at ease.

Yep keeping yourself busy is always a good thing I know that one too.

Well have to go got a bathroom that won’t clean itself – sadly

Take care


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I've obviously tempted fate by writing the words "friday 13th"..... my washing machine has decided to pack in and it's full of water......after my tumble drier packed up .... I said it could be worse and could be the washing machine.......why did I open my big mouth???????

I can feel a headache coming on. :roll:

I'm going about doing a Victor Meldrew ... "I don't believe it!"

Not sure I'm gong to bother getting my sewing machine out, in case that blows up.......

At least my self assessment tax calculation has come in and I don't owe any money to the taxman.......mind you I did spend about 5 mins just looking at the envelope before I could open it up.

Anyway, hopefully the day will get better.

Love K x

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Yikes!!! :mad: Nothing worse, that happened here earlier in the year I had to ferry my wet washing to my cousin’s who washed if for me what a star she was I hope you can do something like that.

Yep I do not believe it!!!!! Comes in very handy.

Yes pity they don’t colour code their envelopes to give you an idea sadly their just brown.

Well I reckon the day should get better don’t you????? :wink:


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I'm not even going to think about the date - I'm at work and can do without any or my pc's, MACS or copiers blowing up thank you!!!!

Mmmm something has got to go wrong today!!! See if I think like that then I won't be surprised or :mad: when it does.

Hahahahaha -- i think I'm going mad!!

Catch you laters

Sami xx

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Hi Girls,

Decided to bring my laptop into the kitchen ... have managed to get the machine door open and hand ball most of the water out, just waiting for the rest to drain out from a tube.... can't get the filter open at the bottom of the machine, as I reckon it's clogged up.... last time it was the underwire from a bra that came loose and did the damage ...... apparently bra's are one of the main wreckers of tumble driers and washers. Hopefully, Eric will be able to fix it again ..... he's quite handy in that way. Perhaps, I should change the choice of my undies and go for the floppy look?? :lol:

Catch you later......touch wood! :lol:

Love K x

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Afternoon ladies

Floppy look indeed!!!! I know what you mean about the wires though - they're dangerous enough when they're making a bid for freedom when you're wearing them let along in machinery!!

There are reasons we allow men to remain in the house and fixing machinery is one of them!!!!

Anyway no rest for the wicked!!

Love Sami xxx

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Well, I've just finished emptying the water from the washer....thought that I was on a roll as managed to get the filter out......nothing foreign in there..after spending about 1 hour on my knees and looking in the bowels of the machine and mopping up water ...I've given up.....just tried to switch it on and nothing. Hubbie wasn't at all happy when I phoned him (that was even before I told him).....so I'm also going to have to contend with a "grumpy old man" coming through the door later on! Joy of joys!

I've now lost all momentum to do anything at all and have wandered aimlessly around the house, whilst listening to Loose Women on the tv.

Going to go out and get some fresh air and pick up a nice bottle of wine for later on, as don't think that even chocolate is going to cut the mustard today. :lol:

Any of you guys doing anything nice this weekend? I'm going to try to spend some time out in the garden and have a tidy up before winter sets in and it's too cold to do anything.

Catch you later.

Love K x

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I meet Ronnie on October 13th (it was a Monday) we both started work in the same place on the same day, it was in an Ironmongery & Hardware manufacturers, funny I cant remember last week or last month but the past like that I have no trouble in remembering at all its like watching coloured TV-weird but nice. I started as an office junior & Ronnie started as apprentice Ironmonger we were both 16 Aw!!!! :lol:

Got me thinking though it’s a good job we don’t know what’s in store family members that have to watch what has happened to us & adapt to suite us I say to people Ronnie is my Rock he is without him I wouldn’t be half the person I am today, he hates me saying it I don’t know why but I would be nothing without him.

Those words ‘in sickness & in health’ gosh I didn’t know just how vital they were going to be for me.

OK so that’s the mush for today,

Karen, I know I should put the phone down I want to put it down but something inside me says No you can deal with this easy, maybe its because before I had the Brain Haemorrhage I was a telephonist/receptionist for a shipping company & dealt with all sorts its very hard to believe I did that………

Yes there are times when chocolate just isn’t good enough….. :mad:

Oh what a thought winter setting in & cold weather Brrrrrr……. :(

Sami, Glad you had a good sleep last night once I settled down after the tube did its thing after that phone call I had quite a good sleep too.

We got the estimate for the painter doing the bedroom not bad £95 takes all the strain off Ronnie, last Christmas he did our livingroom we have high ceilings he wouldn’t let me help he was knackered…..

Well must go had my rest doing this away to do some ironing now….

Bye for now

Louise the rambler


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Our DHL man has just locked his keys in the van and blamed it on Friday 13th!! I told him he cannot blame stupidity on the date!! Its a good job i know him pretty well!! :lol:

I've not slept again today and am trying to keep it like this so that my body can at least have its clock back again and know what is going on. It helps when there's a lot for me to do at work. After the bank I had another wonder round the shops, picked up the Boots gift guide to see if there are any of our mock ups in there and then came back to a pileof proof reading, so have just finished that and am now going to look through the Boots mag - ringing all the nice stuff I want for Crimble!!!

Karen, wanted to send you my 'Reveal' letter - whats the best way?

take care ladies

lots of love and :):):):):)

Sami xxx

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Hi Louise The Rambler :lol:

Well Happy Anniversary to you and Ronnie .... I can't remember the exact day I met Eric....but we were 15, both at school. Such a long time ago.

Lovely to hear that you and Ronnie are so close ..... you are both lucky to have each other. I'm sure that you would have looked after him beautifully, if the shoe had been on the other foot. Yep, you're right, it's a good job we don't know what life has in store for us, but you've been blessed with a good, happy relationship that's seen you through some very rough times.

That's not a bad price for decorating the bedroom ...... now you can start choosing colours etc ! I would love to have high ceilings (not to paint them though!....you must live in an older property? I've always fancied a Victorian type of house with some character ....... I live in 70's bungalow, with a postage stamp size garden, with no character at all! Oh, one day maybe my dream will come true!! My favourite type of shopping heaven isat Ikea.........but we haven't got a local one and we have to travel to Bristol, which is a good couple of hours away. Who's rambling now!!

Anyway, going to make a Shepherds Pie for tonights dinner ...... in need of some comfort food which normally involves mashed potato!

catch you later,

Love K x

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Hi Girls

Yeah happy anniversary Loiuse. I met Paul in Langtry's pub, Nottingham on Tuesday 27th June 1995. He was 38 and I was 24. We got engaged on 27th June 1996 and married on 27th June 1998. And like Ronnie, Paul has been my rock throughout all this. It certainly makes you take a closer look at those vows you took on your wedding day.

Comfort food and mashed potato? Me too!!!! Normally sausage and mash with lots of gravy - its a good hangover food too!!!

Mmmm am hungry now!!!


love Sami xxx

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Hi Sami,

Lovely to hear the story about you and Paul!

Do you have any of your mock ups in the Boots catalogue? I will see if I can pick one up anyway!! Actually, Christmas isn't too far away.....scary!!

Funny to hear about the DHL man.....bet he felt silly!! :lol:

Would love to see your article ..... I'll PM you with my address in a sec, just in case you want to send it by "snail mail" ...... It would be nice to swap addresses anyway, for Chrissie Cards!

Hope that your weekend is a good one!

Lots of Love,

Karen x :D

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Hi Louise,

I'm going to have to go.....dinner is burning!

Just to wish you a lovely weekend....I normally look at the site over the weekend and do a bit of admin....so will catch you later.

It's been good talking to you!

Love K x :D

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Thanks for that I bet Ronnie has no idea what today’s date means though!! & don’t get me wrong Ronnie would have just the exact same reaction as your hubby about the washing machine but hey that’s life.

Yes we live in a tenement building 3 floors up which at times kills me getting up the stairs especially if the leg is bad which is why we’d/me would love to move & have a little garden I can but dream we keep hoping the lotto will shine on us but as yet its not even twinkled.

Ah!! Another fan of Ikea!! I don’t like going on a Saturday I like a walk round during the week if Ronnie’s on a day off.

You can probably guess what well be doing at the weekend, Homebase, B&Q ect & I’m not relishing starting to empty the bedroom but its got to be done a good time for a clear out I don’t just have clothes I’ll never wear again I’ll never get into them again!!!

Funny I’m having a baked potato same thing really comfort it must be the thought of the cold weather.

Sami, you seem to have had a busy day watch & not over do it though, you make me knackered just reading what you’ve been up to.

Well had another bit of a rest doing this so must finish searching for ladders done a search in B&Q site & it came back no item listed cant be!!!

Well bye for now have a lovely weekend



Just noticed your posts

Ugh Christmas isn’t too far away sorry girls not a big fan of Christmas now, I like getting all the catalogues its better than trudging around the shops if I know what I’m looking for.

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Hi Ladies

Don't worry Louise I'm not over doing it. I have to keep busy or I go mad. I was 'lucky' (our favourite word karen) enough not to have any physical injuries from the SAH and was up and about within a week. I get tired more quickly than I used to but I can read my body a lot better now.

Yeah there are a few of ours in the Boots book Karen. We'd have done the No7 range for the photography (pages 32 and 34),the Ted Baker stuff (pages 56 and 57), Soap and Glory (page 64) Naked (Page 64) Kangol (Page 76) Toni and Guy (Page 84) - so mmm a few then!!!

Join the queue for the lottery Louise - I'm waiting for a decent win so that I can jack all this in and move to Cornwall - but hey we all have dreams!!

Anyway off now so catch you on Monday ladies.

Lots of love and have a very good weekend one and all

Love Sami xxx

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Hi Sami,

I shall definetly pick up the Boots mag and have a search for your hard work!

If you win the lottery Sami, will you pack me in your suitcase.....as would quite enjoy the "good life" in Cornwall.......I wouldn't take up too much room!! :lol:

Lots of love,

Karen x

PS. ****** dog has just been gnawing on my sewing ..... last night I made a dangly heart hanger....with beading....not sure how to describe it really.... so just been chasing him around the room with a tea towel in hand....It was also packaged in cellophane, as making them for xmas pressies.....If you ever visit a dogs home/RSPA you might understand why a lot of the dogs are Springer Spaniels.......Bailey is 5 and he's still horrendous....if he's not careful he might end up there!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hi girls!

Well, I guess I sailed right through the 13th without realizing. That's probably a good thing. I do remember that it was really windy and stormy-ish and the horses were all poofy.

Karen, what did I miss about your mom? What's the latest there?

As far as underwires... I just never put them in the dryer, but they are bound to kill my washer someday from what you've said. The main problem with them for me is security at the airports!!! I always get pulled aside and the detector wand is waved under my "girls" beeping at that underwire! I say floppy for airports.

I am having some increased memory problems lately. I just feel fuzzy and unable to focus my thoughts a lot. Sometimes when that comes over me I just feel so tired and old.


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Hi Annie,

I've never managed to set off any metal detectors at the airport, with my undies!......but they always frisk me.....don't know why.......must have that sort of face! :lol:

Anyway, the washer is fixed.....took Eric most of Saturday......it was just clogged up with powder and limescale etc. Just waiting for the parts to come through for the dryer.....my house looked like a chinese laundry over the weekend!

Mum has just been diagnosed with colon cancer...she's having some more tests today, to see if it's spread anywhere else...so I shall know the outcome tomorrow. Emotionally, my brain seems to have shut off .... I shall just try to deal with it all as it happens and take it day by day. I used to be such a worrier ..... but since the SAH, I've changed ..... suppose that I realise that I have little or no control over my own life, let alone other peoples. It will probably hit me harder later on, but I will just have to deal with it, if it does.

Hope all is well with yourself and take care,

Love Karen xx

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