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6 Months ago today...

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Well today is my anniversary. 6 months out and I am feeling good. I have been running and have been evaluated by a nuerophyscologist. I was disappointed in the results because as I suspected there are no problems that they are concerned about. I can feel the difference. I used to be in the 98percentile for my IQ. Post SAH I am in the 80th. I know it is very good but I can feel the differrence. But my doc just says I need to be thankful for where I am. But I want to be where I was. Does anyone have any tips for accepting your new self?

I am thankful to be alive, but I want to do everything I used to do.

Signed, whiner.


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Hi Linda

Congratulations on your six month annie-versary. I'm still having problems accepting that I can't do as much as I used too. It can get quite frustrating at times but I am starting to listen to my body and when I start to feel tired I make sure that I rest.

I think that taking each day as it comes works best some days I have more energy and those are the days that I know I can achieve more.

Janet x

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Congratulations Linda! :D

I can't say that I have any tips for accepting the way that life is for me now.... It's like with most things, it takes time and like Janet, I tend to take each day as it comes and manage it that way and try not to be too hard on myself if I have a particularly bad day.

I'm just over 2 years post SAH .... Personally, I think that it's taken me those first two years to get used to the new me .... I can remember being told that it might take me two years, just after having the SAH and I thought "no way" .... I shall be up and running on all cylinders at 3 months max.... How wrong I was ....

I've adapted pretty okay really, that's not to say that at points, it can be a struggle. I'm still having recovery, albeit it slowly and that has kept me going and I can pretty much remain positive .... I know that I'm no where near to how I was pre-SAH .... I've just learned that the more I kick against it, the worse I feel.....physically and mentally .... so I try not to .....

I've also found reading other people's experiences really helpful in accepting that what most of us go through is quite normal after a SAH.....Sharon Dale Stone's book, was especially good and I would recommend you having a read. I think that a lot of us, also make a life choice post SAH .... when I look back and see how many balls I was trying to juggle .... I now think that I was mad ..... and if I woke up tomorrow and this was all a bad dream etc. I wouldn't go back to my old life .... I was doing far too much and trying to please too many people and I wasn't particularly happy either.... my life was probably more of a mess than I still care to admit and full of stress.

As time goes by, your energy will improve and that will help you cope ... you are still very early on with your recovery, but your postings now seem far more positive than they were in your earlier days .... I can certainly see a difference.....so I wouldn't worry about the IQ score! It's only a number ..... I used to have quite a good IQ, but haven't taken a test post SAH, but I bet that it's pretty hideous now ...... :lol:

You're doing really well Linda and you're not a whiner! :lol: I think that it's a case of you being too hard on yourself, when you shouldn't be ..... we've all been there ......

Have a great annie-versary....big hugs to you ....

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Hi Linda

Well Done on Reaching the 6 months. I'm with you my main hurdle is accepting the new me. I don't know what my IQ was before but I certainly don't feel like the person I was. It really annoys me when the Docs say we should be grateful. Grrrr.

Acceptance I think is the toughest thing, but 6 months is still quite early and things do get better. I've signed myself up for counselling because I still need to talk about this and come to terms with it. But I feel everyone else is bored and thinks I should have moved on.

The Neuro Psy recommended I stop measuring what I was like before. She noticed my confidence was shattered and recommends building that up and to stop over analyzing things (roughly what she said). I Agree. I'm still very much holding onto the past person. I'm not ready to let go just yet but I am working my way towards, joining the 2 lives.

Re:the tests I'm a competitive person and put a lot of store in the outcome. But really you are completing the tests in an artificial environment. An OT pal of mine and my Husband found the test extrememely difficult. I now have my Mum and Dad worried about their Memory as I was trying out some of the tests on them. :lol:

Those tests are a guide but they are not the measure of who you are as a person.

Love yourself Linda you are not a whiner but P off and thats ok.

Have a big Hug

Aine xox

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Lots of wise words from everyone, as always. I'm nearly at my 3 years anniversary, and nowadays I mostly like the new me more than the old me.

I try not to judge myself or my achievements against the pre-SAH life - that would probably make me feel inadequate, so I find a way to be positive. At the same time, I'm like Karen, I wouldn't go back to my old life. I value the important stuff more, and I think I take the time to enjoy my life now too.

It sounds like you are doing fantastically well - I can't imagine running at 6 months post-SAH. Mind you, I am quite lazy :). I still see changes now, and sometimes I still have really bad days, and I honestly thought I would just be "normal" by now, not having ups and downs! The main things is that you will most likely continue to improve and see changes too, so don't be too dis-heartened if you don't like the new you much yet.

I would also say to give yourself a break :) You've been through absolutely heaps of stuff, and you're doing great. Just try and enjoy each little step forward. You're not a whiner though, you're just like the rest of us here ;)

Ok, I waffled. I know - and I'm not even remotely sorry. :roll:

Take good care Linda, happy 6 months anniversary.

Blondie x

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So does anyone want to share a questions that they asked in follow up that you found invaluable. I know I have lots of questions, but because my brain is a little scramble, I can't remember them. I have been trying to write them down, but they don't make a ton of sense as to why I have written them down after I read them in a couple days.

And I woke up today and felt the feeling of loving mylife. I haven't felt that in months. Yippee.


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