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Coming home!!!

Guest kaj

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My mom is coming home this Saturday. Medicare is stopping coverage at the sub-acute facility. We have a young caregiver who will be living in. She will be recieving physical therapy at home. We have a hospital bed for her and hope that she will get better at home. We are hoping that her home will bring back memories and help with her cognition. I hope these thoughts are true. Does anyone out there think the home environment helps??? I am just wondering. We are quite nervous about it all but I hope the live in will only have to be temporary and not permanent. We will cross our fingers. Any advice on how to handle a loved one at home whose cognition is still quite severe. She is still in diapers and we hope she will do better with that. Hope everyone had a lovely weekend.



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Hi there

I was in Re-hab hospital when I got out for the weekends I felt my first weekend home was not only good but helped a lot, when I told Ronnie he'd put my plants in the wrong place, & why was their odd towels in the bathroom.....

So for me it helped a lot,

Take care


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I never spent time in the rehab hospital but I ws so glad to finally go home. My spirit was lifted so much when I returned to my family and my things. I also loved being able decide what I would have for dinner. (Not much for choices in the hospital.) And the food is so much better with my family. I am sure your mom will love her move. It should also help her feel as though she is making progress too.


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Hi Kim,

I couldn't wait to get home, it definetly helped me and lifted my spirits. At least at home there's more to occupy you and it's less regimented. It's also good to have your family around you and being back in your own familiar surroundings.... it's definetly good to be able to eat decent food again and have more say in what you want to do.

Good luck .....

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