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Half Marathon Run -Vicki Bragg-new article on homepage

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Hi guys, please take a look at the new article on the homepage of the website.....

Sponsored Half Marathon Run

Written by Karen Hyder

Congratulations Vicki and a huge "thank you" from behindthegray.net, to both you and your sponsors!

Vicki Bragg completed the Robin Hood half marathon on 16th September 2007 in a time of 2:39:30. Vicki is a friend of our member and dear friend, Sami. A tremendous amount of sponsorship money has been raised by Vicki's run and she has kindly donated this to Behind the Gray. This will help keep the website funded for the next few years to come and it will also help us to initiate any future projects. As soon as we have the final total of the sponsorship money we will post it here.

I'm sure that everybody will join me in thanking Vicki and congratulating her on her half marathon. Thank you once again to her sponsors and Sami for keeping this website running...

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Hi guys

Thanks for all your kind words, but it's Vicki that should be taking all the credit. She offered to raise money for the website as she was doing the run. She's a lovely woman.

I'll pass on all your kind words when I see her next.

Love Sami xxx

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Hi Keith,

Yes, it's pretty fantastic and it will be put to good use on behalf of the website.

I've sent an e-mail to thank Sami and her friends .... it's extremely kind and generous .... :D

I forgot to post the update onto this thread as well, so sorry guys! I'm doing okay, but going through a spell of bad sleep .... once I get to sleep, I'm fine, but at the minute the earliest I seem to get off is 2.00am .... last night it was about 4.00am and it does nothing to enhance my brain fog... :shock:

So, Please take a look at the homepage for the final sponsorship total....it's brilliant! :D

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