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3 Year Anniversary

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Well-I actually missed it by a day!! (7/11/04)

I was a bit pleased about that cos I thought I would never forget the date!

So after 3 years how do I feel and what has changed?

Well...I think of the SAH every day ..still.

To answer a few other posts I am not the same person that I was 3 years ago and I never will be..and I don't want to be!

I realise something of what is important in life-I have experienced a range of feelings and problems that have I believe made me better for it.

No-I really wouldn't ask to have them again ..but I can see the positives.

I still value my family-I value life -especially my wife and daughter-but I need to show it!

I think I am a little more in touch with myself.

My faith is stronger-I have risen to a few challenges and come through.

Life has still thrown quite a few bum deals to me... but that is often what life is..a series of problems!

This year I managed to study Human Biology with the OU!!! And passed!

My brain still works!

I sometimes find myself doing things out of character..but with a renewed strength that I never had before.

Do I have issues?..You bet I do still!!

I still struggle with lots of things...I found my mum had taken an overdose

about a month ago....not good!!!

I got involved in an Anthony Nolan clinic in the middle of this and could easily have chucked it all out the window..but someone carried me through.

I still question..life, The Universe and everything....

I still want to make a difference.

I still remember the coldness of the angio suite.

..and I have met some great people on this site!

Andy P

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Hey Andy

Long time no speak :wink:

I'm sorry to hear about your mum, I hope that she's OK :?:

Great people on this site, yep definitely, and you know what? You're one of them. I'll never forget first joining this site and being in a mess and you kindly photocopied a whole information booklet and posted it to me. That booklet was the beginning of saving my mental state of life. This site is a fabulous place with wonderful people - one of which is you.

I hope that you are keeping well and congratulations on passing Biology. The OU is a brilliant place to learn. Maybe one day I will continue with my degree but I know at the moment I couldn't possible handle it.

May your faith grow stronger and your life be full of love and happiness.

Take care hun

Love Sami xxx

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Hi Andy and many congratulations on your 3 year anni... :D

Andy, you've done brilliantly and I know that you've had more than your fair share of struggles ....

It's always been a pleasure to speak to you and you're very well grounded ...

Andy and I have maintained e-mail contact since we met via the Southampton website in 2005 and it's been a real pleasure to know him .... :D

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