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Hey Issy hello again, another Scotty I see...


No need for appologies, talking it through with family is defo the best thing - I collapsed in the livingroom wham don't remember a thing from that day to this...


yeh lots of yapping folk night mare, my friends daughter then 10 speaks really fast I used to put my hand up and say 'Jennifer put the brakes  on'  


it gets easier...

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Hello again Louise!

Yes another Scottie- originally from Fife but work and live in dundee now. Where are you from?

It's odd though even though I can't remember a thing about what happened that day and my kids and hubby have told me over and over I still can't get it all into some kind of order, maybe one day!

Yes visitors are one or two at a time and that's the max. Earplugs are always in my pocket ready.

Haha yes I can relate to the hand signal, I have something similar (and raised eyebrows) which does the trick.!

Staying calm.....

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Ha!ha! raised eyebrow cant manage that now....


From Edinburgh live outside on the East Coast now.


Cant wear earplugs they make my balance much worse for some reason in time though you'll find that you can cope with more people and don't worry about getting it into order it happened I cant remember a single thing about it...


take care and enjoy the weekend

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Hi Issy

My first shopping trip was to lidl too! I sat in the car and said I couldn't go in. However husband persuaded me to and I managed a 10 min shop hanging onto him for grim death!

Was very nervous going out on own, had a friend come and walk me to her house for lunch - next road! You are doing well, keep walking and smiling! I am 5 months down the road and still learning about my limits.

Clare xx

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Hi Clare,

I thought it wouldn't be too bad, and yes I was holding on to the trolley and him for dear life. Rabbit in the headlights comes to mind!!!!

When I got out to the car I needed to lie down so lay on the back seat- I did get a few funny looks but I was past caring!

I go out every day with either my hubby or the kids., I feel like the pet invalid being taken for walkies but wouldn't manage without them.

For me it is bang on 7 weeks tomorrow. Still a bit of a way to go but I just take every day as it comes.

Take are,


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You keep going Issy,


I don't remember much but I do remember sitting in wheelchair looking at the sky.


I was in M & S  Café, I asked my hubs did we sit here when I was in cuckoo land and he said yes.  

Man of few words lol


Keep going Issy and even if you have a coffee at the end of shop it's your treat out xx I'll have a cake lol


They will become more and more frequent the good Days.  Early days so don't overdo it xx

Keep Well


WinB143 xx

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Aw thanks Win , had a bit of a blubbery morning but feeling better now, going out to hobbycraft this afternoon to spend some of hubby's cash on crafty treats for me. Lol- may even have a coffee, will let you know!!

Take care...


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