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Subarachnoid Haemorrhage but I feel fine ? - New Member - Kieran

Kieran Smithers

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Hey everyone ! 


It's been a week since I've been discharged from hospital after my Subarachnoid Haemorrhage. I was in hospital for 10 days and I would say the first 3/4 days I suffered from massive headaches because of my Subarachnoid Haemorrhage and fractured skull. I was very sensitive to light for the first 3/4 days as well but after the 4th day I was able to start walking about and quickly felt fine.


Every doctor I talked to kept bringing up the fatigue I would feel throughout the day doing basic things but I haven't once since I've started doing my normal daily routine. For example going to Uni and relying on public transport as now I've been banned from driving because of the haemorrhage.


My question is am I the only one ? Because after reading a lot of other people's recovery posts I can't relate to anything? Okay I had the headache for the first couple of days in hospital but haven't had one since ? I don't feel run down or remotely fatigued throughout the day, I feel like i did before all this happened. I  guess I've been lucky but I'm just really interested to see if anyone else had/has been through the same. 

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Well Done You and welcome to BTG


I guess everyone is different and you have been lucky as a lot on here do feel tired etc.


I wasn't a lucky one I remember hardly anything until I had my shunt put in.  But it sounds like you are doing great.


Pass me some of how you feel, no serious well done xx Keep it up and do not overdo it but remember to pace yourself.


I wish you all the Best  and as I always say to New Comers  No Stress xx and keep happy xx




Winb143  xx

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Kieran. Well that's fantastic that you feel able to regain some of your routine so quickly and take back up a pace that you feel comfortable but Win and the neuro docs are right that often the majority have fatigue and issues but hey, maybe you are the lucky fish that got away.

That said you have had a head trauma, a big one if there was a fracture so maybe heed their caution a little more and go slow, alien though that may be. The chemicals and euphoria post bleed can sometimes mask the effects of brain injury so just go easy if you can. Rest a little more than you would and drink plenty of water.

It Sounds like your bleed was the result of an accident so please just extend your body and head the kindness of giving it a healthy amount of time to heal a bit more gently. If you are still at Uni then your youth is telling you it's ok to get the foot back on the pedal and to go fast, pick up where you left off and do everything but if this was a broken leg you would get back playing sport until you had allowed it to heal properly. Give your invisible and injured brain the same courtesy. It will thank you in years to come if you invest in it now, don't overstretch it.

Mum lecture over! Glad you are doing ok.

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I am a SAH survivor and also a volunteer at a rehab hospital and see many stroke survivors and SAH survivors.  There is such a wide variety because every injury affects different brain areas.  Some people feel like nothing happened to them and they can really do much of what they were doing before.  Others can't walk or talk.  Still others think there is nothing wrong, but they can't even stand up...they just don't have any insight or are in denial.  


Some symptoms are cognitive or emotional.  There are many causes and many reactions to an event like SAH.  Some symptoms show up later.  Some are apparent right away.  It is all different for each person.  I always say, just be on the look out and proceed with caution.  Other than that, if you feel good, then good for you!



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