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Stiff neck also keppra

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Hi, :)

Hope all had a good day. Thank you all for your respones on my previous posts.

Jim is doing better today. Slept alot but that is what he needs.

His neck is very stiff. Have anyone experienced this?

Also he has been on Keppra which is a genetic name for Levetiracetam for 8 weeks. Jim is now on the final week of taking 1 a day. He started with 2 tabs twice a day for 6 weeks, then 1 tab twice a day for a week and now is taking 1 tab a day for the next week. Has anyone taken this drug and if so for how long. It is a drug that is used to treat seizure disorders.

Stay well.



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Hi there

I was on Sodiumvalporate for about 2 years they took me off it gradually I had aches and pains when I was comming off it like flu.

Mention the stiff neck to the GP, at the moment I had a sore neck but that stress......... :roll:

Otherwise hope things are going well.

Take care


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