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Great news!!!

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Im 27 and suffered my SAH in June 2015.....what a shocker!!!

I have amamzed my self, family, friends and also my consultant!!

I was back to work full time by The middle of Aug 2015 ( though I wasn't allowed to do a lot)
head aches gone and finally was starting to forget about my illness

My MRI scan in December six months after my SAH was as they wanted, I also have another one which they are monitoring every 18 months. So I have another 18months appointment free!

I'm now back driving It was like I never had it, I can not believe how much has changed, this time last year I never knew of my SAH. I never thought the day would come were it would not cross my mind, I can go days without thinking about what happened. In such a good place right now! Though don't get me wrong I do play on it with my boyfriend when It's my turn to cook lol!

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Hi Fay,


I do the same with my Husband and Daughter, so I know I am getting there as the looks I give them do not work anymore lol


So glad you have made a remarkable recovery, and keep us posted !!


They said I would not walk again but I have my dignity back and now next step is walking, slow and little lengths but walking all the same.



All the Best and do as your body tells you xx and singing and laughter helps me, poor family ha ha xx



WinB143 xx xx

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