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Giving birth

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Well hi all I had my sah in sept 02 and another aneurysm clipped jan 03, my first boy was born oct 03 and my second sept 07. I had both of my children naturally and if anyone would like any advice or just to talk to someone about getting pregnant giving birth anything like that i am here and would be more than happy to help.

PS and childbirth ain't that bad might be something to do with sah as theres no pain like that lol, like i say just ask. Jess

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Jess, that's really kind of you, to offer help and support, especially as you must be pretty busy with your two little ones ...... I'm sure that it will be very much appreciated and like I said to you in a previous post, I think that pregnancy plans/pregnancy and childbirth is something that needs to be included in this forum.

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Hi karen like I said I am happy to help. Yes I am pretty busy however I can spare 10 minutes a day if only to check this post as its essential to help put peoples minds at rest, I didn't have a computer when I was pregnant with my

first and in a way I am glad as alot only have negatives to say about having a baby after sah, my drs midwives none of them thought I should go ahead with my 1st pregnancy as they were saying it would put to much pressure on

my head, that is why I wanted him naturally and I am so glad I did I love them both so much, and I am so grateful that with my 1st one I thought " I've got nothing to lose" else neither of them would be here now and that would be so sad

they are both so laid back and loving children I feel very lucky to have them and lucky that my ns said I could have as many as i wanted. sorry to go on. Jess

Left some gaps as i know some people have trouble reading in blocks

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hello jess

i have a 2 year old and after a few days of coming round in hospital i can remember saying to my hubby " no more kids ".

when i had jack it was all rush rush for a emergency c section..... ( moving into a theatre ) :lol:

But now when i think about it of course i would love another one BUT can my body take it .

It wouldnt be for a llllooooonnnnnngggggg time but i'm not getting any younger and its something i think about.

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Hi there Donna I can't remember wether you had clips or coils now, however I was told to wait at least one year before becoming pregnant as you all know I was pregnant within a couple of weeks after my second op. The time you have to wait has now been reduced to 6months however it may mean a c-section, however I wouldn't let that put me off having another child. I would personally go and speak with your doctor if you are considering another child, However I will be here to help with whatever questions you need help with.

I beleive that we will onlty get pregnant when we are strong enough to carry a baby however I wouldn't follow that last piece. Jess.xxx


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Guest Dimple259

Hi everyone,

My name is Claire, and I write uplifiting human interest stories for national newspapers and women's magazines.

I'm posting this message because I'm always looking for stories which provide hope and inspiration, during a time when doom and gloom seems to monopolise our media.

I wondered if anyone might be interested in talking about their experiences in the hope of raising awareness of brain injuries and how they impact, both positive and negative, on people's lives.

If anyone would like further informaton with no obligation, please e-mail me - (email address deleted until permission is obtained from the Administrators at behindthegray)

best wishes.

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Hi Claire,

Thank you for your interest in the website ....but it's the "done thing" to contact the website admin for permission, before you post, if the post is for commercial reasons. Please email me more specific details of who you write for (what type of publications), what articles you've written etc and what's expected and what fee a person can expect for their article. As a website, we have a "duty of care" to protect our members.

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