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Hearing problems after SAH

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Hi all

Just wondering if anyone had experienced hearing probs after their SAH. My aneurysym burst on right side of my head and since then, I have a ringing (like tiny bells tinkling) in my right ear when its quiet but once I start listening to any kind of noise it becomes a whooshing noise (so loud it's like standing beside the propellors of an airplane) just in my right ear. This loud noise getting better and it's now louder bells I hear when there's noise but it feels like I can hear the "hearing" part of my brain in operation.

Also when I went to the cinema for the first time after my SAH I could not believe how loud the film was and in fact so loud I couldn't make out all of what was being said. I can listen to radio and TV no problem. Has anyone else experienced this? I'm seeing an ENT consultant in April so hopefully he may be able to help. I definitely think my heaing is distorted since SAH.

Best wishes to all


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Mine was on the right side too and I find at different times of the day but not all the time I get like a whistling in my ear. It comes and goes but is not at the same time each day so is quite weird. I haven't mentioned it to the neurologist as I was one of my smaller problems.

I haven't been to the cinema since my SAH so I can't help with that. I always fell asleep at the cinema so thought no point in wasting my money :lol:

Hope this helps although it probably doesn't help you with your problems



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Just after I had my shunt put in I had the weirdest problem, I was getting feedback on mobile phones! There was a whistling feedback loop that both parties could hear, went for a couple of weeks before it went. Now I'm left with the whistling in my left ear (my shunt is on my right side) which has been there for what seems like forever! (can't now remember a time with out the static instead of silence).



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I went completly deaf on one side but fortunatly it was due to the fact that the (is it called) eyeodine (spelling suspect too id guess) anyway some had fell into my ear and hardened, then when Ronnie drove over one of those speed bumbs it moved & I went deaf, gosh was I glad when I found that I only needed my ears syringed.

But yes I do have buzzing sounds sometimes its very noisy indeed..


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Anne, I have had tinnitus in my left ear, since the SAH.

It's more of a problem at night and when I'm trying to get off to sleep .... I'm just experiencing my first bad cold/flu virus since the SAH and I've found that it's made the tinnitus worse, so hoping that once I've recovered that it will reduce to its usual level. I've also found that this virus has increased my eye pain, so I'm presuming that it's due to the sinuses being affected etc.

I still can't tolerate very noisy films and sudden bangs or whatever .... I'm 2.7 years down the line .... however, it has improved since the early days or perhaps like Scott, you just become accustomed to things....

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Guest Portia del Carmen

I've found that I'm intolerant of loud music since my SAHs - although strangely enough, more usually with hubby's music rather than my Robbie Williams!

I'm also much more sensitive to high-pitched sounds which I don't think I could hear before and other people can't hear now - things such as low-energy lightbulbs make a high-pitched whistle which I can't bear. We even had to get a new computer monitor when I couldn't bear the sound of the old one whistling away...

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