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Trigeminal neuralgia

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Don't know about it Rachel but I know it sounds painful.


Some foods can bring it on like spicy foods

and even citrus fruits.  Or see your Doc would be best if you cannot get to Doc make sure you are not near Drafts and put a scarf around

area hurting you ..Wins words xx and I am no Doc ..so best see him xx


Wishing you well 


Win xxxxxxxx

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I think this is to do with facial muscle nerve endings that can be painful.  However, I don't know if it is a side effect of a SAH.  You'd be much better talking to your doctor than any of us.


We're not doctors and can't give any medical advice anyway.  They are the people that know so ask them.  Only they can give you the treatment to solve it anyway, but I've never heard of anyone on this site that has suffered with this before.


Maybe someone will prove me wrong though!


Good luck,



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Hi Rachel,


I do not have any personal experience with it, however my Father-in-law has it and has done for around 10 years. I believe he first got it after a filling which affected the nerves in his face. I know that when it flares up he finds it very painful and difficult to cope with. He tends to get it more when he is feeling stressed and overwhelmed. I know he has taken painkillers for it in the past, but as it is nerve pain.


I believe the pain killers cannot actually lessen the pain, they just stop you feeling it or being bothered by it as much. This meant that the painkillers were quite strong and he did not like their effect on him so now he tends to try and limit the things he finds that trigger it instead of taken the pain killers.


As others have said on here it would be best to follow this up with your doctor to see if they can give a diagnosis and suggest any course of treatment.


Good luck,


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Had my SAH in December 2015. Have just been diagnosed with Trimengal Neuralgia. Have to say that I am not enjoying the Tegretol tablets and they are not yet really working. Think I'm going to try and push my GP for an MRI scan/referral.

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Hello Ruth


Thanks for your post.


So sorry to learn that you have been diagnosed with Trimengal Neuralgia. Has this condition just recently affected you. Dealing with recovery from NASAH and now this must be so hard for you. I do hope the medication starts to ease the pain soon.


Neuralgia pain wherever it occurs is so debilitating. My wife suffered from postherpetic neuralgia in 2012 6 months after her SAH) It occurred following a second bout of shingles and affected her left arm. Every three or for hours, she would experience an incredible burning sensation which would last only about three minutes... but she screamed and cried with the awful nerve pain. I felt so helpless as I could only watch and hold her until it passed. She was prescribed medication which brought the pain under control. A few months later she was hospitalised due to a medicine error not related to the neuralgia. All her medication was halted and incredibly the neuralgia pain did not return.


I do hope your GP can help you and I sympathise with your suffering





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