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Human Barometer?

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Since my last post things were starting to get better, and by a lot. My optometrist gave me contacts to wear instead of glasses which rest on headache pressure points. I have also started walking 3-5 Kms a day with my dogs. Life has been pretty good, until this setback...


We recently traveled to Saskatchewan from Alberta for a family gathering and I had a great time. I made sure to get in some walks to keep my health in check and drank lots of water. However, when we returned home to Calgary my head has been absolutely horrible. Could it be the altitude and barometric pressure changes?


The headaches are so bad that it hurts to blink and when I wake up in the morning (I've stayed home from work for two days now because of this) I open my eyes, the pain sets in and my anxiety increases along with my blues. "Oh great another day of pain" is the first thought I have.


Anyone else have this issue after traveling and what have you found helps?

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Hi Megan,


Sorry you have had this set back when life had been pretty good.

It could be your barometer head is just adjusting back.


A few of us on here are affected by the weather and it causes a horrible pressure headache. Not nice at all.

I would definitely suggest going to see your Doctor and get checked out, blood pressure etc and for peace of mind.


Really hope your headaches and anxiety ease.

Take care and let us know how you get on.

Tina xx


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I'm glad the family gathering was so nice, that's good to add a new memory isn't it but the after effects of travel or change in weather barometric pressure does appear to affect quite a few of us. I'm hoping one day a scientist or researcher will look into it but I'm convinced once the blood upsets that fragile state it cannot adjust as well as it once did.


Tina is right, go get checked out, don't sit with that worry and they never mind, they prefer you to be sure everything is ok. 


I found to to be honest in the early days even just a long road trip wiped me out completely, exactly as you describe but as time has passed I can cope with it more but know it will still take a toll for me. Flying still knocks me out a complete day afterwards, don't know why but it does. Others are fine. 


Lots of extra water, adding in  lots of extra quiet time in your ' busy' family moments and actually just cutting back a little on some of the regular stuff to accommodate the out of routine stuff.


It's hard to do but you need to get that balance. you have probably overdone it plus your head is adjusting itself again so notch it all down and build it back up. If it helps I have had to do exactly that this last week when I overstepped my current limits....


Get rest, don't push and be kind to you Megan. You just managed a pretty big milestone in a big trip and family event so well done . 


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For some reason, barometric pressure does seem to affect a number of us. Flying less so presumably because of pressurised cabins but you don't have that travelling overland.


So yes get it checked if only to take the 'I wonder if........' away!


Good luck



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