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Tiredness following SAH

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Hi all-I am really intersted to know how long you suffered from tiredness after your SAH-I had a good 6 months and it has never really gone totally.

I still have to get to bed around 9pm and I am 2 years on...What about you??

I would like to know how long..what type of SAH you had (aneurism or not).your age..if you don't mind! And any other factors..


Andy P

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Well, I'm 44, (post right communicating artery - aneurysm).. 15 months on.......still get very tired....especially around 3 - 4.00pm.....don't have to nap really....just need to sit and rest up to re-charge the batteries. I get quite clumsy and can't think straight, almost like somebody has flicked a switch off in my head...that's my warning sign.

Once I've had my "quiet time out" I can normally get myself up and going again. My energy levels still aren't what they used to be, pre-SAH and I don't achieve as much as I used to during the day. However, in the last few months, it has improved a little more.

Love K x

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Hi there

I’m now 47 Sub-arachnoid brain haemorrhage, with a shunt & a tube in my brain now.

6 years on I still get tired but usually know my limitations better now, but when I am getting tired my balance isn’t very good & my concentration is back to what it was in the beginning.

Then I usually sit down with a large glass of Ribena which helps, (water doesn’t help at these times).


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I'm 35 and had my SAH, brought on by a rupture anuerysm, 8 weeks ago (2 months ago today precisely). I can get through the whole day without having to nap I'd say 95% of the time. If I know that I will be going somewhere or doing something until late that night then I will try to have an hours sleep during the day - if I don't then I tend to get a tightening around the back of the head later on as opposed to a full blown headache.

I have a couple of sports drinks a day as well as drinking 2 litres of water with cordial in a day.

I can normally stay awake in the evening until about 11.30 to midnight but then I used to be the kind of person that would read until about 1 am. I no longer have the patience to read a novel.

The physical side of this hasn't really been a problem for me - my affects are more emotional.

let me know if you want any more info Andy

Love Sami xxx

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I'm 51. Had my SAH one year ago, non aneurysm. I still have fatigue and memory problems. More often than not I take an afternoon nap. If not, I am asleep on the sofa in the evening by 9 sometimes. Once in a while I have a "normal day" when I can go all day and still stay up til 11, but in general, my stamina is reduced. The short term memory is frustrating and sometimes downright scary. I am just writing things down more, and hubby helps out.

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Guest Jeanette

I'm nearly 51, 5years post SAH due to ruptured aneurysm and resting/ sleeping about 3 hours in an afternoon.

The really annoying thing is that I now sleep badly at night , although that is improving considerably with time as I'm pretty sure that it is mainly a menopausal thing. I just seem to have my day in 2 halves!

I keep very busy either side of my nap though so Ijust try to work around it.

I think in my case the tiredness is worse because I can't pace myself by sitting and relaxing (since the SAH I have problems focusing on anything for long so can nolonger read a book, knit or sew or play the piano- in fact anything that I would have done for relaxation) so Im always physically on the go and I think that is why I have such a big 'down time' in the afternoon

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Hi Jeannette,

Girl, I sure am with you on the menopausal slept thing!!! My eyes fly open at 2am or 4am most nights.

As far as your relaxation, you might try something that is relaxing but doesn't require concentration. Say, meditation, massage, bath, sitting and listening to the radio, or maybe an audio book?? For me, it's usually sleep though. I'm good with an hour, but have been known to sleep hard for 2 or 3 sometimes in my naps.

Cuddling and stoking a dog is VERY relaxing. You need a pup. :o)

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