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Since I came out of hospital after SAH I seem to spend a lot of time on "auto-pilot" especially when I'm in the house on my own and maybe doing housework. I can't remember whether I've filled the kettle and have to check and I can put things in strange places. I used to do this pre-SAH especially when I was overtired or anxious and would find my purse in the bin etc but now my brain seems to be switched off a lot. Has anyone else noticed they do this? Is it connected to memory?

Hope I've explained what I mean.

Anne x

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Hi Anne

Yes, my brain sometimes goes into autopilot ... very frightening when I've driven 5 miles and can't remember a thing about it :shock: My brain sometimes switches off and I just can't remember what I was doing, eg. staring at the TV remote not knowing what I'm doing with it or what buttons to press! Like Sarah, I usually make a joke of it.



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Hi Anne, Yes me too!

I havent had a SAH but had a lot of neurological problems before diagnosis, which cleared up after I had two operations on three aneurysms.I still have some tiny untreated aneurysms. Before diagnosis I was quite bad for getting things mixed up - i.e. I used to lose my purse and find it in the fridge. spectacles in the food cupboard! Since treament I dont seem to put things in wierd places anymore but my brain goes on auto pilot frequently. At least twice a day I boil the kettle, make myself a cup of tea, do something, then go back and repeat the process, I have lost count of the times I have had two cups of tea sitting there for myself (and we get a nice collection of tea cups when Hubby is home and I decide to make tea for both of us!)and there are lots of other examples too when I seem to do something, my brain forgets I have done it and I do it again. I also can forget the words for things, especially if I am really tired, like tonight when I got in from work I was telling my husband about something and I couldnt remember the word for it so I described it!.

I dont know whether it is the effects of the aneurysms, before treatment, the effects of the brain surgery, or the BP medication I am on, but its been going on a long time now so I just put up with it and tell myself this is the new me and I like the new me.

I am sure there will be others who experience this, we are not alone

bye for now


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Hi There

Yep I still go on to auto-pilot as well can be very incovenient at times. I work in a call centre and mixing words up and not being a ble to find the right words can be embarassing at times or funny depending on the sense of humour of the client. It is different at home I just tend to blank out still if too many people are talking at once Morris and the girls just laugh at me now but it can be very frustrating.

Janet x

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Hi there yes I do it all the time I will actually pick up the phone dial my moms number and then start talking and say what did you phone me for and sometimes she tells me it was me and tells me what i had wanted other times she says you phoned me but u still haven't told me what u want and i usually say oh i can't remember now. LOL

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Hi guys,

I can relate to everything you're all saying on this thread!! Isn't it a relief to know your not the only one!!!

Like you Sarah and Keith, I tend to turn it into a joke when I get the wrong word.......I've just started swimming again but most times I tell John i'm going fishing.

Jan, my mind blanks when there's a few people talking at once, its always worse when i'm tired......seem to switch off altogether then!

I sometimes dial a number, then have to ask who i've phoned.....

speak soon,

love Suexx

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I agree it is a relief to read that you are not alone in these things - I'm not the most prolific poster but I do vist the site regularly and gain an enormous ammount of comfort from it.

I still use the wrong words for things or simply can't remember them, it's like your brain is slipping a gear and freewheeling, very disconcerting.Luckily my family and work allow for the gibberish I spout :D You learn to look for the confused look that flits across their faces when you say the wrong word.

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