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My name is Colin and I am disabled after SAH


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I had a SAH in  Feb 2014, familiar story with blinding headache and spending a lot of time in ICU.


I am now in a wheelchair which is a bit of a nightmare.


It would be interesting to talk to someone who is in the same position as me to find out how they cope!

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Hi Colin


So glad you found us.  Not sure if any of our members are in a wheelchair but there are some who still struggle with mobility.


Can you give us a bit more information about yourself and what happened - it may help others identify and respond.


You'll find a really friendly bunch here who have wealth of experience and offer tonnes of support.  We can't give medical advice but we can share our experiences with you and be here to listen.

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Hi Colin,


I had my SAH in 2009 and after the OT's trying to teach me to walk play games etc, they gave me a balloon to hit !!


Hydrocephalus and doing what you are told to do,  did not mix in my cuckoo land head.


My Family were told to grieve who I was as I'll never be the same again, and stopped all work with me.


I had a shunt fitted in 2010 and it was like a light going on, Win was back !! 


My Daughter told me about this site and have come on leaps and bounds, so remember when others give up on you, never give up.


I was tapping my foot to music and thought if I can tap my foot I can walk.  I tried but legs were so weak and back aches but I kept on.


I practised walking without hubby knowing and I stood up and took 2 steps before I needed help as back ached.


I'll cut it short,  when he/hubs knew I could get up he bought me a zimmer frame for Christmas to get me around house.  Now I walk back to our car after shopping in wheelchair but I will get there one day so Never Give Up !!


Good luck Colin and welcome to BTG xx sing and tap feet okay xx


Winb143 xxx Best Pressie I ever had my Zimmer Frame.  Got me off Bot !! And I now get privacy in loo xx



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