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6 Month mark

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So I've reached the 6 month mark since my SAH. It's good to be here :) 

Not all plain sailing obviously. Same for everyone I know, but I'm grateful to be alive.

Last few weeks have been particularly stressful, which has not helped my headaches or fatigue. But I do try to just get on with it.
3 hours sleep last night so feeling decidedly rubbish today, I think an afternoon nap is called for. Haha.

Take care guys. Have a good day.

Deb. x

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hi Deb, hope you've had a good nap? hopefully you're sleep pattern will soon improve. I'm now 10 months on from a nasah & the fatigue is finally improving? I know everyone's recovery is different, but as you say we are so very lucky to be here writing this! You take care & keep taking naps, they help so much x

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Hi Deb and Joe

I had my SAH 2009 and still get tired, but it is great to be alive, I agree !!


Something went in my back and it stops me walking too far,  but they said I would never walk again.  60/200 yards depending on how I feel.


Good luck on your journey's  and never give up xx


A song helps me and a smile xx and knowing I am not alone in this,  we can all understand when others have a bad day xx


Keep a smile at hand for bad days.


Good luck you both


Win xxxxx


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Hi Joe welcome to BTG, six months is still very early days, hope you continue to make progress. Be good to hear more from you.


I remember reaching the 6 month stage Deb, was phasing back to work and wondering how I would ever cope. Things do get better though I still suffer from fatigue and poor memory particularly when tired. I think it's just a case of accepting the new normal and adapting your life to fit it.

As you say though the underlying feeling has to be 'Thank goodness I am still here'  


Clare xx

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Welcome to BTG.


Everyone's rate of recovery is different.


Change happens - it's how you deal with it, and adapt to it, that counts.  With positive attitudes like yours, you should do very well.


Just let your bodies recover in their own time.


Best wishes,



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