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Sue - new member.

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Hi there Susan


For most of us on here we didn't know we had aneurysms until after the fact.  Think you will most probably be scanned (possibly with dye to locate the exact site of the anni if this hasn't already been done) and then possibly they'll discuss the course of action they want to take i.e. no surgery, surgery, if surgery which kind etc.


Is there anyone you can take with you to the appointment?  Not only for support but an extra set of ears will be a bonus as some things may not sink in  or there may be questions they can ask that you might not have thought of.


Please do let us know how you get on, and welcome to BTG x

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Skippy is right Susan so I cannot add anymore just keep bright when possible.


Waiting is the worst part of it, not that I remember  as I fell and awoke after the event so to speak


Wishing you all the best and it is natural to be scared xx


Love and all the Best (let us know what's what ) xxxx  and Good Luck


Win xxxxx


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Hi there


warm welcome.


Yes taking someone with you for support and to take in what's being said is a great idea..


I would say try not to worry but that's easier said than done.


sending you all the best

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