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Dad 4 months after SAH....

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Just after some reassurance.... so dad's 4 months on from his grade 4 SAH. he's in rehab and I think doing well. He has some real good moments where he is completely with it. He's slowly putting weight back on and getting stronger.  


He suffers with severe motion sickness too. Really hoping this will pass?


I guess I just want reassurance that it's normal for him to go random occasionally. He'll forget where he is and says he's seen people (like my nan who died 5 years ago) he'll say he's been our for a walk or he's not had any visitors (not true)...


This is normal and will pass right? ?

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Hi Lindsey,


I had what your Dad had and I used to say to my Sisters "Tell Dad I'll come and see him when better" trouble was he died in 1999 !! 


Keep talking to him,  and my Sisters used to sing to me and when I woke up from cuckoo land as I call it.  I sang to a Nurse.


When Dad gets better you can have a few laughs at what he said as I have xx 


You take care and Dad will get there but it is a long haul.  Well was for me as I had complications.   Keep Dad stress free and look after yourself also.


I saw my Parents but my Mum wouldn't speak to me ?? She died in 1976


Good luck to You and Dad


WinB143 xxxx

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well I can only say that a lot of what you describe was normal to me and I also had a grade 4 bleed and hydrocephalus. I had really really poor short term memory for many months after the bleed and having my shunt placed BUT I used to then make things up to fill the gaps if that makes sense and was always getting things wrong or confused or mixed up much to my kids amusement...it didn't amuse me much though. 


does it improve?  well again we are all different and gave different bleeds but yes I have now relearnt new ways to recall things, I know my signs when I am doing too much and to slow things down accordingly which helps. My MEmory will never be as it was but actually now I retain things better as long as I remember them in the first place. The explaination apparently for this is we become better at retrieving memory's but storing and keeper  them is harder in the first place. 


I wasn't allowed to drive for ages but even going in the car was a big of a trauma initially because of motion sickness. I remember the first long journey I took and I was in bits by the end of it, no balance, crying, it was just awful and I came here and people told me that it does pass and it does. I couldn't go on the train without help but now I can even go on the TUBE as long as it's not too busy.


My top tip is to Wear sun glasses to dampen the sensations a little and also earplugs as it just slows it all down a bit, especially for the travel .always rest and have some quiet space after a journey and drink lots of water.  Now I rarely need my glasses or plugs but still always carry them. I also wear a hat a lot as don't laugh but on windy days it plays havoc with my balance and sensations. 


Anyway, keep making dad laugh  ? , smile together at the i'provements and they will come slow and steady. 

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Thank you. Had a hard visit this evening. Normally when he is muddled I can pacify him but today he just wouldn't have it. He was convinced he'd been on a plane to Ireland. So upsetting. I'm really struggling. I miss him so much x

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I wont say don't get upset as it is natural xx  I was told I was like this.  I told people off and I cried, I must have been a pain in the butt.


Thought I was in a café and I wanted to pay for snack and asked my Daughter for my bag and she said "it isn't here Mum" I told her to stop mucking about  and give me my bag and I was in hospital bed  xx


Sing him his fav song or something he'll remember from years ago.  Your Dad is in there you just need to take no notice of what he has said as his brain has been through it.


After I had shunt fitted,  my Daughter said welcome back Mum and we both had a cry, as I knew what she had been through.  Now we are back to arguing lol xx


Keep strong for Dad and rest up yourself.




Win xxxx 



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Some of the prescription drugs given can be very strong, this will tune down his concentration, memory, alertness and appetites. Codeine is especially effective for pain but the side effects can be bad for digestion. 


Morphine based drugs, jeez, I had spells talking to my bed adjuster panel and saw my brother wearing a 7th cavalry costume whist in a wheelchair scooting around the room. 



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I agree Steve about the meds, however its is more likely the part of the brain that's been affected, Again Lindsay I was a lot like that I'm now 17yrs down the line and things have improved greatly...

Hope all's good...

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