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Kimberly - new member - Mental Fatigue

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Hi all,


I suffer from brain fatigue. My first bleed was 5 years ago, for 8 days, its April 2017, it happend March 2012, 10 months later I had another stroke. APRIL 2014 I had my last stroke that started as a heat stroke.  It was personality altering. I still suffer from mental fatigue and not being able to regulate heat and cold. I carry an umbrella everywhere.  Working outside is difficult. Going to work is difficult.  I have the desire and the physical strength for a while, but then I get brain fog and need to rest.  When does it get better?  At what year.  I am 44 now.


Many thanks. 

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Hi Kimberly 


A very warm welcome to BTG :)


Firstly,  a huge well done to you for getting back to work.

Brain fatigue/fog is something many of us suffer from, it is so hard sometimes to gauge your limits. Your brain soon tells you when to stop and slow down.

You are doing the right thing by resting up and listening to your body. For me, the fatigue is always there, i have just learnt the signs and how to manage my limits better over the years. Mind you, still catches me out sometimes ;) 


Have you been to see your Dr about regulating heat & cold? They may be able to refer you to someone that can help?


Look forward to hearing more from you.


Take care

Tina xx


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H Kimberly,


It does get better but we have all had a long haul and we get the good days , which I have started to take for granted but I should treasure them.


All what Tina has said I agree with.


Take it slow and listen to your body and brain xx


Keep well and wishing you all the best


Win xxxx  No stress  xx  my surgeon told me xxx

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Hi Kimberly, welcome to BTG.


Brain fog is very common post SAh and is a sign you have done too much. When it happens try and make a note of what you have been doing beforehand and then try and avoid it in future. I know when I get it,  it is usually when I have been concentrating on something for too long or having an in depth conversation. Even talking with friends becomes too much sometimes and I find I have to sit back and let them do the talking.


I'm not sure about the hot/cold, maybe as Tina says it will be worthwhile having a chat with your GP.


Take it easy and let us know how you are getting on.


Clare xx

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