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scared to do things

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I seem to be struggling getting myself out i get really scared...

My docors have given me some tablets citraplam and put it up to 20mg 2 days ago...

I dont want this to get to me and am determind to beat it but i get anxious if anyone asks me to do anything and say no...

My husband made me walk abit the other day and i started crying saying i cant funny enough i had a word with myself took my time felt faint in shop but think that was me worrying then walked to take dvd back not walked far but it was an achievement..

Then the next few days have been bad so feel knocked back a bit xx

I love shopping :lol:

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Hey Donna

Well done for getting out - take it slowly and build yourself up gradually - and try not to feel downheartened if you have a set back. You are extremely early on in your recovery hun.

Make sure you're getting plenty of fluids and are eating properly - I know you don't always feel like it this early on but it is vital.

Text me over the weekend if you need me.


Sami xxx

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Hi Donna-I remember back when I was at your stage..and I had lost confidence in myself in many areas.

Going out for the first few times was actually very scary-I felt the buzz of people in crowds frightening and the noise (I was very sensitive-even to the noise of a kettle boiling) of many things was difficult to bear.

It isn't unusual to feel like this.

You have had a real shock to the system don't forget.

Don't worry about being on Citalopram -many people need anti depressants etc after an SAH!

You are quite likely experiencing an aftershock to the events you have had and quite understandably you are worried of a recurrence..but actually you may be less likely to have another than the average person in the street who is walking around with undetected aneurysims!

It may be a long slow road to recovery where self doubt creeps in very often..but you are not unusual in this!

Keep asking questions ..take each day as it comes..listen to your body..set realistic goals...and keep in touch with those of a like mind on this site and at your support group.

You will get through..eventually.

Best wishes

Andy P

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Guest sarabeal

Hi Donna! Today..Friday the 13th is the 6 month anniversary of having my aneurysm clipped (my SAH happened on Dec 11th) and although I still feel somewhat scared about doing things on my own it gets easier every day. I have started working for a few hours each week and actually went two days in a row this week! My mom stayed with me for months after this happened, but still, the first day I was on my own was terrifying. I made sure to have my cell phone with me all the time---actually, I still do :D It will get better. You made it through the worst part!!!! So just remember to think about how strong you are for being able to make it through this!!! My best wishes to you!!


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