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Permanent, 24/7 Head Pain Following SAH ???

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I was just wondering how many have debilitating, 24/7 head pain following their SAH that prevents them from working and enjoying their life?  I had my SAH 11/23/14 and since then, not a day has gone by that I have not had head pain.  Every little sound, every door slam, every loud voice, every lawn mower, every weed eater, other loud noise, etc.  No pain medication helps.  No seizure medication helps.  Yet, if I go off of them, it's even worse. 


I am currently awaiting disability and don't know what I will do if I am turned down.  When I talk to family and friends, they say, "you sound good, you look good, you act normal, etc."  When I bend down to pick something up, the pain is excruciating.  My neurologist says I am not a candidate for botox injections because I do not suffer from migraines -- I have permanent pain, 24/7.


Of course, it is much worse on overcast days and when it is raining, but even on sunny days, it is bad.  My only relief seems to be to walk the dog.  I know, it sounds strange, but it takes my mind off of it. 



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Hello, thanks for getting back in touch.


As a carer I will never fully understand what it means to have the 24/7 pain you describe in your post. Having such debilitating pain for almost two and a half years must be so hard to endure.


I know that you will receive comments from members who have dealt with their pain. Meantime, have you researched the posts already logged within BTG site?  A search for `headaches`  on the home page search box will give you much information.



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I had my SAH in November 2013 and had constant headaches afterwards. After a few months my neurosurgeon referred me to a headache specialist and he told me that they were related to migraine even though the symptoms weren't typical of migraine at all.


Luckily for me, paracetamol and ibuprofen often did work, but didn't want to take them all day every day. I was prescribed propranolol to take every day as a prophylactic and it's worked for me - I now get maybe a handful of serious headaches each year. 


I hope you find something to ease your pain - I know how debilitating headaches can be.

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Brain injuries are internal and you can't see them from the outside.  It's like looking at a car - it still looks like a car and feels like a car, but if it's drive doesn't work it won't go!  That's what has happened to you.  So you have to educate those around you by telling them and keep on telling them.


Sounds, too, like you have what we over here on this side of the pond call 'barometer head' which affects us when the air pressure fluctuates, and more severely than the average person would experience.  So you're not on your own there.


If I were you, I would go back to the people that treated you for your SAH for explanations and advice.   If not successful get a second opinion from somewhere else.  There probably is an answer out there to relieve your pain, but you maybe need to be more pro-active to find the right one for you.  All our experiences are different and there is no easy answer, so it is vital that you seek the best professional medical advice you can get for yourself.  Are there any medical teaching hospitals or Universities that could assist?


Good luck and let us know how you get on.




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After my SAH had off and on head pain then a year later I feel very hard on my head and since then 2 years my head hurts all the time every single day. Have tried everything and I mean everything. I find getting a good night sleep , eat enough, and drink water a lot I can bring the pain down to a tolerable amount Say 2/3 on scale of 10. 

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