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mental status

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I have had a few real bad days with my emotions i feel like i am cracking up i can only describe them as breakdowns

I was in tears all day and struggled breathing and felt faint which made me feel 10 x worse.....

I will be 3 months post sah next week and i cant see a way forward with this.

It feels like it is taking over my body and dont know who i am anymore xxx

Any advice

People say stay positive but i find that hard and dont know why....

I am going on holiday to skegness next week and feel like i am dreading it xxxxx

arnt i ungrateful..........i'm still alive...

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Donna i wish i was with you to give you a hug, I know that you are struggling emotionally but you will get better, i had my SAH in March this year and i still have my good days and bad. I know no one can really understand what you are going through but it is important to talk to your GP. I wish i could do something but we are here for you, i feel that you have friends here who have and perhaps still might be going through what you are at the moment. Everyone is different, i have accepted i had SAH and i am thankful that i am alive and i still have other problems but i take each day as it comes.

It is good that you are going away, it will do you some good, try to make the most of it.

Please take care of yourself i know you will get through this in time, time is a great healer.

love and hugs

Myra xx

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No Donna you are not ungrateful try going to inspiration on this board and reading a letter from your brain

It is so very true it is doing everything to get you back to how you were but it needs your help. Donna I know how hard it is for you right now truly I do but you do need time to heal yes we all cried felt some days like there was no point in carrying on but there is a point you have a wonderful little boy.

I expect you are feeling really down right now and you probably feel that we don't help much by saying it will get better but it does it really does and Donna when you get used to the new you, you will see it is still you just slightly different and you will love that person too.

Right sorry to go on you would think I was writing a book :lol::roll: Speak soon and chin up it will get better. Jess.xxx

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I know it's difficult to see beyond the here and now but you have to keep on going. Progress for some of us is/was painfully slow, some days/weeks I didn't think I was making any progress at all. When you look back in a year (or six months) you'll be able to see the huge progress I know you will make. I'm not saying that you will be back at 100% and back to pre SAH state ( I know I'm not) but you will learn to accept the person you will become. Remember that there is truth in that old saying "whatever doesn't kill us makes us stronger" even though you may not be able to see the route now there is a road to "recovery".


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