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Thanks to this group re return to work

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So, I had my nasah in May. Returned to work 1/2 time 2 weeks ago. Today I started back full time. Very tired. But, I kept the words of many of you with me. Drank water. Took a walk. Closed my office door and did a 20 minute relaxation cd. Looked at my calendar to see what I could it back on. Made plans to do some work from home. 

So glad to know you are all here. Not sure some of my health care providers "get it". But you all do.  Thanks so much. 


Vermont girl. 

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sounds like you are doing a perfect job on your work return. Wish I had done it your way! It makes all the difference when you are kind to yourself and make time to step back and take stock.


Hopefully your return will carry on being so successful, well done and glad that BTG has been here to help. I know it has helped me immensely. 


Clare xx 

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Hi VG, well done on returning to work. 


In the coming few weeks just notice your 'red lights' and pay heed to them as the effect of being back will be slightly cumulative and so you may need to make more allowance intitially whilst you regain stamina in your world of work.


Work for those of us who have been able to return in some capacity is purposeful and can assist recovery further  but it shouldn't undermine your health either so continue to know yourself and educate those around you to understand a bit more, you don't need sympathy you need their empathy and that requires understanding of what has happened and why you need that support. You will find the right balance.


good luck. 

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Same boat!  I had mine in May as well and pushed myself out slowly but surely.  I'm a realtor so showing homes is easy!  I keep water and Gatorade with me and my phone always charged.  The more I get out the easier it becomes.  I also have done a bunch of different alternatives to try and heal myself which is working for me.  Proud of you Vermont girl!!! I know exactly how you feel as I think we had similar situations.  Keep positive and celebrate the little things:-)

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