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Questions about Head Tingling and eye pain

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Hi All! I had a SAH on 1/23/17. Endovascular coiling was done the next day and I have 3 platinum coils behind my right eye. I experienced a lot of scalp, ear and neck tingling after procedure. Seemed to almost go away for awhile unless I become exhausted. I was wondering if anyone else has had this tingling and for how long. I'm on day 3 (7 months later) of serious tingling only on the right side of my head and bouts of sharp right eye pain.

Thank you!

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Hi welcome to BTG glad you have found us. 

We are unable to give medical advice as we aren't trained but I am sure there are many others here who have experienced the same problem and can share with you. 

Have you spoken to the neuro department where you were treated? They will be the best people to speak to.  If you can't reach them maybe your GP or even an optician as your eye is painful. 

Let us know  how you get on and maybe a bit more about yourself and your bleed. 


Take care


clare xx

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I had itchy scalp and tingly feeling so I remembered what my Mum always said .."If I doubt  Win clean head with warm salt water"


She swore by it and it cannot harm you so give it a go xx 


Hope you feel better soon if not see Doc and put mind at ease xx


Wishing you well 


Win xxxxx

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I haven't had soreness in or behind my eyes, but I have had the scalp tingling to which you refer.  It settled down with the passage of time.  I did report it to my doctors but, in my case, they said it was fairly normal after brain injury but that I was right to have asked the question.


It took ages to settle down and scared me for a while until I got used to it.  Brain injuries are notorious for taking a very long time to heal but you are right to ask questions as your condition currently is so very different to what you experienced pre-operation.  Go ahead and ask your questions of your doctors, that's what they are there for.  The only daft question is the one you don't ask, so don't be shy, and you don't want to become stressed by worrying about 'what ifs.'


I would just say that everyone is different and, as you have other sensations as well, you should definitely get professional medical advice.


I, too, experienced the tingling sensations when I was tired and it receded as my energy levels came back up or after sleeping.  Over time, these sensations have all but disappeared unless I am exhausted, but even so they are nowhere near the intensity they were when I first had them.


Mention your tingling sensations to the people who treated you as ordinary GP's don't seem to have the depth of knowledge to give you the answers you want and need.  They may refer you to your optician.


It is possible your optician may further refer you to a 'neuro-opthalmologist' for a check to be done. about that specific problem.


If you see your doctor's and your opticians, make sure the two departments speak to each other and are aware of what the other is doing so they can take it into account when making their decisions about treatment, if any.


Good luck and please let us know how you get on.


Best wishes,



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Hi, I have not been on here for a very long time. The scalp pain and tingling went away after awhile- I am almost 6 years post SAH and an unexpected vertebral artery dissection during a routine angiogram. I have had severe eye pain- most of my pain is right sided but my eye became so annoying and painful I felt I could gouge it out.


Later I found out I had a form of trigeminal neuralgia. This was post SAH maybe 1  2/2 years? My surgeon was the one who DX me and I was given a drug Lyrica and within a week was feeling much better. NOT telling you that this is your issue at all.


I am bothered by the cold, cool breeze, air conditioners / a fan blowing on my face etc, being tired, sunlight, ( I have some damage to my vision). I am still bothered but my pain is like a 2-3 not a 8-9 when I was hoping I had a tumor pressing on that nerve and they could just take the tumor out. If it is winter my pain will be worse. 

I agree with all Macca wrote above. I did see a 'neuro-opthalmologist' who told me I had lost vision in both eyes but it is not that bad. But it ruled out something that could of been missed. 


Good Luck. I hope it is just a healing process for you. MaryB

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