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Hi all,


I had my SAH in January and it's only last two weeks it's hit me . All came flooding back and I keep thinking it's going to happen again in January. Is this something anyone else has struggled with ? I have arranged some psychological treatment so hopefully this will ease . I find myself looking at studies for likelihood of it happening again and it terrifies me . Any advice warmly welcomed.?

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Hi Rosie

Firstly, Google is not your friend and the studies that you are looking at are not a true reflection of any chances of it happening again.  My neurosurgeon told me that if I carried on smoking I had a 3% chance of it happening again and if i stopped a 1% chance - other than that I was no more at risk than any one else on the planet.


I had the same issues as you at the same time after my SAH - I was diagnosed with PTSD and had counselling - it does help, very much so. This site was my biggest help and support after my SAH and I really don't know where I'd be without it.


Please, stop looking at studies and concentrate on you.  We are all different and it is impossible to lump us into a study and accurately predict any outcome at all.


Plenty of water and rest - these are the main ingredients of your recipe for recovery at the moment - and of course BTG!


Take it easy hun xx

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My Daughter has not had an SAH but she gets Panic attacks and my next door neighbour gets them since his heart scare.


Ambulance came and said his heart was working okay but he got so worked up he thought it was another heart thing (The mind throws you on a wobbly lol)


I saw him and told him "Here  is the answer Alan" and gave him a bottle of water and a packet of mints.


Mints to moisten mouth and water so you can swallow. 


After we have something as major as we have had it scares us and our body is off kilt.  See Doc and put mind at ease and keep away from Google as I went there and it was "Uh Oh Win".


Scared the life out of me but came on here saw people living and laughing and having a giggle and I knew this was the place for me.  Apart from my singing lol xxx 


Good luck Rosie  xxx no stress and calm is order of the day xx easy for me to say xxxx  Listen to Skippy xxx 

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Hi Rosie,

I was like you when I first came out of hospital, my SAH started to happen while I was in the bathroom at home, I had told my partner I was going to the loo and then I would have a shower, 3 years down the line and I still can't say those same words in that order, it may sound silly to some people and I know those words had nothing to do with my SAH, but I associate those words with what happened to me.

When I came out of hospital I was also really scared to go in our bathroom, I would have a panic attack and my partner would have to stand at the door while I was in there.

In the end I had to seek some counselling as it was really affecting me, I was also diagnosed with PTSD. The counselling really did help and although I still have the odd panic attack, things have got easier.

We moved house in April this year and even though I had no association with the new house, I still have a fear of the bathroom, don't understand why, i just do.


I did exactly what you did and started to look at things on the internet and I have to say it scared the life out of me, like Sami said Google is not your friend, don't do it, she's right about BTG being the best place for answers to your questions, real people who have been through it and somewhere that can put your mind at ease, 


I hope your counselling helps, I know what a benefit it was to me, 

But I, like Sami don't know where I would be without BTG.


Be kind to yourself, things will get easier as time goes on.



Michelle xx 

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