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Eye problems?

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Im almost 5 months out from my NASAH and have worn contacts for over 20 years.  


After my incident I found that I could not wear my contacts anymore at all or they would give me headaches and really irritate my left eye.  


I've been to a doctor and have been checked out.  It seems that the left eye now needs a bigger more rounded contact and even though I now now have the prescription for them, I am still getting headaches when I wear them.  I don't understand.  


The doctors say my eyes are completely fine but clearly they have changed.  I went to the hospital that day in my contacts and ever since then I do not feel the same in them.  They've changed the brand to the best and the fit is different now but I almost feel dizzy with them.  


Does anyone else have any experiences with eye issues they can share?  Thanks

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Hi there


Unfortunately no, I can't help you there.  The only change to my eyes has been the curse of old age and I am now getting long sighted as well as being short sighted - in my mind that should mean that my eyes should meet somewhere in the middle and I'll have perfect vision again!.


Have you had your eyes tested again for your contact lenses or just had a change of brand?

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Something definitely changed but doctors won't acknowledge it because my eyes are healthy and my vision is unchanged.  Yet I find it weird that I've contacts for 20+ years before my incident and now my left eye needs a complete different diameter and curve to the contact and they give me major headaches.  They changed brands but it's still not helping.  So weird and unexplainable I guess.  Thanks for your input!

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I was wearing contacts when I had my bleed and went back to them some time after. My vision had changed and I now have differnt strength lenses in each eye. If they are not right go back, there may be something else they can do. It could be that the 'best' brand is not best for you.


Clare xx

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I think I'd go and get another opinion form somewhere completely independent if I were you.  Clearly something has changed or you wouldn't have a problem.  Maybe it's from the bleed, maybe it isn't - until they identify what has happened and explored the possibilities, they won't be able to say anything.  Speculation won't help you - they need to diagnose you and that means testing - your eyes and the products you have been using!


Good luck, let us know how you get on.


Sorry for the late reply, I have been on holiday!

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