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Neurosurgeon Appt today

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hi guys

Just got back from my appointment and the news is fantastic.

I had a category two bleed and the 2cm info I was given was the size of the clot around the anuerysm - the anni itself was about 5mm. They will check for compacting in February which will be six months from the dates of the bleed. I can resume all normal activities. He said that the thing they will check for is the artery wall healing itself below the anuerysm and that will be done by cat scan and if after a year there is nothing abnormal they will discharge me completely. He also told me that it was a right temporal bleed - which has affected my emotional sensors - hence the down time!! The sensation I can feel in the back of my head is where the blood clot is still dispersing down my spinal column and this will take about another month to subside. He was really nice and answered all my questions and also told me that I am doing remarkably well and am free to carry on driving when I feel ready so I may well write to the DVLA to let them know what has been said and give them his name incase they want to write to him.

So all is well in Rossigirl world today.

Catch you later

Love and big big smiles

Sami xxx

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Erm excuse me young lady - thought we'd instructed you to lay down and rest for a couple of days :roll:

But thanks for the well wishes - feel really postiive again now I know what all the weird feelings in my head are from and that I can do what I want to do!!!! - apart from smoke but hey in the long run it'll be a hell of a lot better for me anyway!!

Take care and rest up young lady - I'm sure you have a halo to polish anyway!!!!! :lol:

Lots of love

Sami xxx

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Hi Sami,

Well, I'm really happy for you!! :D Did, you really think that I wouldn't look in?? :lol: especially to see how one of my girls was doing?? :lol:

I looked in at about 8.00am....to discover a post by a so called "guest" titled "How to enlarge your ....." I'm sure that you can guess the rest! :lol:

Not sure how he/she by-passed the log in system...but hopefully Chris has banned their IP address. There's always somebody out there that will get in to try and sell their wares and that's why I like to check!!

I've had a better day.....started pretty badly, but my mood has improved, even though the body is still reluctant! I'm trying to ignore the dizzy phases and keep going.....but it's hard at times.

I have my appt. for Balance assessment tomorrow.....so they will put me onto some sort of machinery to measure how wobbly I am! :lol: (I hate hospitals!!)

My "halo" is in the cupboard at the moment.......I shall wear it when my language isn't quite so fruity! :lol::lol:

Really happy that you've had some good results today......it all keeps me going in my mad hours!

Love and hugs,


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Thanks Karen - glad to beone of yours girls - under the circumstances :wink:

Glad you're feeling a little better today too. A few more days rest and you should be a lot better.

Oh the nuerosurgeon agreed with yours about the Ginkgo - now isn't that strange a GP says yes and nuerogurgeon says no :lol: I didn't realise that the artery wall regrows under the anuerysm but glad to know that it does - had visions of parts of the clot breaking away!!

Can look forward to Pink in concert with a bit more gusto now!!

You look after yourself and that well earned halo of yours.

So glad to met you and allthe others on here.

Do you know how Andy P is getting on?

Talk later

Love Sami xxx

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Karen-all the best for tomorrow..thanks for the chat! Just keep at the ironing!!!!!!!!!

Sami-good news for you..that is great..better tell DVLA cos they can take a while to sort things-they told me over the phone to get back driving after 3 months but they can take 2 months to check things with the medics!!Sounds like you will be given the green light though!

You amaze me Sami-you seem to do so much so soon..but well done you!

I saw the dentist who was refering me to a specialist re referred pains but he phoned me yesterday to say he decided he wants to have another go at my root canal in 2 weeks..ooeerrr.

I had several root canals done a year ago...but have had ongoing problems which i won't bore you with.

Anyway all the best..and to you Annie!!!

Andy P


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Hi Sami

Yeh great news you must be well pleased :lol:

I'd remembered about that sensation in the head which is how I thought it was healing when you mentioned it before.

I am so pleased for you Sami, isn't it funny about the Ginkgo thing them all saying different things :?

Well bye just now take care


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Hi Guys

I woke up this morning feeling completely different. There is no little anxious ball in the pit of my stomache and when I feel a twinge or sensation in my head then I'm not worried because now I know what it is.

Andy, I think I'm the kind of stubborn assed person who refuses to let anything beat me and, for me, getting back to work as soon as possible was best. I'm going to ring the DVLA today and let them know what my Neurosurgeon has said.

I think us all meeting one day is a fab idea. We can try and arrange it so that us and our partners meet in the middle somewhere - which is gonna be hard for our US friends though :cry:

Karen, know that you pop in now and again :wink: Have you heard from Andy H? Wondered how Heather was doing.

Catch you laters

Sami xx

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Hi Sami

Yes its a nice feeling that when your not anxious and your questions have been answered I felt like that on one of my visits not my first though because I still didnt understand it all :?

Hey I dont know the size of mine the location or anything I asked Ronnie last nigh he didnt know he said he was just greatful I survived it.

Well that's my break over I'm filling up the wardrobe still didnt know I had as many handbags I never use them now but you never know one day!!!! :lol:

Take care


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Hey Louise

Yep I'm the same with the handbag thing and shoes!! Men don't understand that you can only use a certianhandbag if you'r wearing a certain pair of shoes and there are certain trousers that go with certain tops that others just don't. Paul always asks why I have so many when I can only wear one pair at a time and use one bag at a time!!!!

I'm going to have a clear out this weekend and anything that I have not worn or used in the last six months is going to the charity shop!! Any excuse to go and buy new ones!!!

I must admit that it was a lot to take in yesterday. i was astounded that the bleed had been in the temple area when I felt it in the back of my head and for the last 11 weeks thats where I thought it was. But its comforting knowing what the sensations in my head are. He said that the tightening headachey feeling will be my brainkind of saying "Jeez I'm fed up with this" and I have to say I know just how it feels!!!

Hope you're not over doing it tidying up and sorting handbags and gladrags!

Catch you later

Sami xxx

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