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Untreated anuerysm

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welcome to BTG glad you found the site hope you are finding it useful. 


I personally do not have any untreated aneurysms but there are quite a few on this site that do. 


They all all appear to have regular check ups and are well monitored.  Hopefully some of them will join this thread and reassure you. 


Try not not to stress too much and take comfort in the fact you are being monitored unlike the many people who are unaware they have aneurysms. 


Hope to hear more from you feel free to post your story in the Introduce yourself thread.


Clare xx 



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Sorry I missed your introductory post but thought I'd pop in here as I too have an untreated aneurysm which was discovered after another one had ruptured.


I found the news of having another one quite devastating so soon after having had a bleed and all the trauma and anxiety that went with it.  I was convinced having another one would automatically mean that it too would rupture and got all the 'what ifs' etc.  I too was scheduled for a scan a year later and at that point I didn't know much about aneurysms, didn't know of anyone who had them and was not a member on BTG.  During that year I was also sent into turmoil when I was told I needed more coiling for the one that had ruptured.


I have had scans almost every year since to check both aneurysms. The unruptured one, which is a similar size to yours, has not changed or been treated since it was discovered and that was nine years ago  .Obviously everyone's circumstances are different, but what I'm trying to say is don't let it rule your life - if they thought it posed a danger they would have arranged for your next scan sooner.  The general rule is that the smaller the aneurysm, the less chance it has of rupturing.


I think the more time that goes by the easier it becomes to live with an untreated aneurysm - it certainly doesn't bother me as much as it did when I first found out I had one.


I hope this has given you a little reassurance not to panic and carry on with a little less worry and concentrate on your recovery,


Best wishes,





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Hi there, great your check up went well, it's a good feeling.


I have the same message as Sarah really. 


I have a small anuerism in addition to the coiled one which ruptured and my shunt and there has been 'no signifcant change'  in the five plus years since my event and I've had numerous scans. 


If the anneurism changes or it is of a size size that is causing side effects then I'm sure that now it's under observation that they would do something so please trust in that and what you can do to help is to look after yourself physically and emotionally as best you can. Good diet, not too many vices and avoid storing up stress.


take care


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Hi Ari,


They are and will keep a close eye on it and you will be fine as it is easier to deal with as I said,  when not burst.


So be well and try not to stress as it does us no good.  (See Daffs post) Now a song helps xx


 Happy songs only  xxxx Good luck and (not easily done but) try not to worry 

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Hi, I totally understand your feelings. I have had one of my aneurysms coiled and one they are still watching, I understand your anxiety I felt the same way, it was hard to get a handle on it at first. I agree with what the other members are saying, it does get easier to live with the aneurysm as time goes by. I had mine coiled about 3 years ago in April and get yearly MRA's to make sure nothing has changed. I am confident in my Providers decision to watch the uncoiled one since it is small and apparently in a location that is not know to rupture. take care of yourself and try to be as stress free as possible. I pray myself for comfort.


As Win mentioned singing is always good! ")



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Yes I never knew I had another one until I went for an MRI for Epilepsy and it had bled and healed itself over that is what my Specialist said and he wrote in caps. No need to worry which of course I did lol.


But if I had known about it I would have worried, but when they are small like mine was it was a small bleed so now I am not so stressed out.  As stress is not good for us  (she repeats herself) ha ha xx 


Be well all and remember to sing and laugh xxx Best meds out there xxxx


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