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Hi everyone, 


So after lurking on here for few months now it’s now time I’d like to share my story.. after reading lots of your stories on here I found it really helped me in the beginning understand what was going on in my head!! 


So here goes..

September 19th 2017 I dropped my youngest daughter to school.  Walking home, I was chatting to a friend when I felt a “pop” come up from my neck to my ear on the left side of my head, which was then followed by the most horrific headache I’d ever experienced.  I told my friend I felt unwell and just needed to lie down.


After taking some paracetamol I tried to lay down but I couldn’t, I then called 111 and spoke to a paramedic who told me I should probably go to A&E within the hour.  I called my Dad who took me to QE Woolwich and we waited to be seen. The headache was still there but I then started thinking it was a migraine as I’d never sufferred with head aches, so was unsure.


The first person I saw was a GP in urgent care who said it was possibly just a headache but I could wait in the actual A&E to see a doctor but was up to me.. Thanks to my Dad he insisted we waited..

Seeing a doctor, she insisted I have a ct scan.


I was then taken to a bed and the neurologist came to see me by this time I’d been sick had a stiff neck and the lights were hurting my eyes.. straight away the neurologist informed me they were testing me for meningitis, I was then put into isolation and had to wait for a lumbar puncture next day.


So next day, it was as though someone switched my headache off! It was gone, I still felt a pressure feeling in my head but the pain not so bad.


I then had the lumbar puncture, during which I saw every bottle was pinkish (just something I remember..) 

I stayed another night and the following day the neurologist came in to tell me I had viral meningitis and was to be sent home with pain killers and a neck rub from husband when needed!! 


I was pleased to be going home and got my self sorted, when two junior doctors came in to tell me I was having an mri scan. I told them I’d just been discharged by someone else when they said they’d ordered the scan and that was their boss who’d discharged me!! 


I had the scan. Within 10 mins I was being told I was being blue lighted to Kings London where a Truama team were waiting ?


I arrived at Kings to be told I’d had a subarachnoid haemorrhage and will have further tests next day.

I had an angiogram next day which confirmed I’d had a bleed, and then had the choice of waiting four days to be re- scanned or have surgery (craniotomy) from the surgeon, the amazing Mr Walsh. I opted for surgery knowing the risks but could not wait 4 days knowing a risk of re-bleed.


Anyway had surgery 23rd September which was more exploratory where the surgeon had wrapped a broken vessel, unsure whether it was a ruptured anerysm or an infundibulum.. 


I was discharged on 26th with follow up scan in 3 months, recovery was fine had the best family and friends around me and I went back to work as a hairdresser 3 weeks later, as I felt myself, apart from the memory loss ( I had lists and post it’s everywhere!!) and I also had a slight problem with my speech, more so where I couldn’t think of the word I needed or my sentences came out back to front!! Very funny some of them wish I’d written them down!! 


So working through December as a hairdresser busy busy I was aware of my upcoming scan but felt great so had no worries.


Had a lovely Christmas and went back to Kings on 27th December for my follow up mri, went home to then received a phone call from one of the consultants to tell me they found I’d had an aneurysm at the front of my brain.


I had to go back in that night for more scans and the following day I had exact operation in same place.. had my little tufts shaved back off which I’d proudly grown ? 


So I then had the aneurysm clipped and was sent home on 2nd January and recovered. Amazing again this time, speech perfect apart from swearing a bit more than usual at random.. but everything else is fine. I’ve been back to work almost 4 weeks and also started another job as a hairdressing tutor which was my dream that came along a bit sooner than expected, but I needed to take it with both hands and move on.


So far I’m feeling this is the best way for me! 


So although I’m very pleased with my outcome, I am very aware of what could have been as I faced that in Kings, seeing some very poorly people..


I’m sharing my experience as I can’t help but Google and the first time I typed in “subarachnoid haemorrhage” I had the fright of my life!!


Yes it’s been frightening but I feel completely fixed and have a scan in a years time. 


I’m sorry for going on and on but feel I needed to share as this site really helped me 


Emma xx

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Hi Emma,


My surgeon was Mr Walsh also but I remember nothing until I had a shunt put in because I had hydrocephalus.  


This site is so good for us and it lets us know we are not alone. 


Sounds like you came out of it quite well xx Good Team Mr Walsh has.  We could always phone up  John Ling if my hubby was worried about me.  Which he did quite a few times lol.


Good luck on recovery and take it easy,  I was told "No Stress" so I sing poor family lol xxxx


All the best

WinB143 alias Win xxxx


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Hi Win 


Wow, you were in Kings too! 

Yes I also have the neuro nurses number saved too! 


Yes I did come out of it so well, so very lucky! Haha, I might try a song, but jokes aside, my stress levels have to be low now! 


I do do hope you're recovering well, also I really can’t help but think I’ve recovered too well, but obviously, not complaining.

Thanks for replying 

Em x

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I was in Kings too! Only for a couple of days tho-had an angiogram which luckily didn’t show anything else after my bleed. It’s all a bit of a blur, but they were all amazing & so reassuring. Sounds like you’re making a great recovery Emma. Take care of yourself ?

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58 minutes ago, Lyn said:

I was in Kings too! Only for a couple of days tho-had an angiogram which luckily didn’t show anything else after my bleed. It’s all a bit of a blur, but they were all amazing & so reassuring. Sounds like you’re making a great recovery Emma. Take care of yourself ?

Hi Lyn 


Its mad to see so quick we’ve all been treated in same place! 

Yes I agree on the blur, it really bothered me first time around,but now I just think I can’t remember that!! And I just laugh it off, now all my clients keep getting a new hairdo ??? 

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I never knew who Mr Walsh was until I saw him after my Shunt op as I was totally out of it until then.


He seems okay and he said to my husband while I was there "has she always spoken a lot, so I told him "coming from a family of 10 and the youngest,  I have to speak quickly or I don't get a look in"


That's when he knew I was okay as I spoke up for myself lol.  plus I thought he should have asked me Ha Ha.. 

I had Ventriculitis and Sepsis so I thank my lucky stars I am here today so thanks to him and my Family who were great also xxxxxx  Take care Emma and keep giving those haircuts  xxxx

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