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Pacing - Spoon Theory © Christine Miserandino

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When I first came to the site in my early days, searching for answers , permanently fatigued and rather hopeless I was confused by Keith and others in the green room offering up a spoon or two, what were they on about. Anyway I soon was enlightened to this great analogy which helped me and others understand my daily choices so think it worth pinning here The link to her site and this story.  



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Hi Daffodil,


We use the spoons theory in our Pain Management presentation on pacing.


Thank you for this link, it will help me immensley, so I won't have to explain in great detail to our patients now, I can signpost them.


I use the spoons theory daily and have found it helps with my fatique and pain, I also use the 3 P's.

Prioritise, Plan and Pace.


When the body and brain gets use to an easy level of activity, without increased fatique and pain, you can increase your activity only by 20%. 


And when the body gets use to that, you increase again by 20%. If you have a flare up or increased cognitive problems and fatique, decrease the length/time of activity for a few days and steadily build up to your basline again.


We use an effort scale 0 -10

Try to aim for 5

How much effort is the activity 6 +


This is too much and overdoing can cause increased symptoms.


When the activity is starting to be ok at a certain level and the effort scale is coming down to say a 2.


You can then start to pace up 20%

Starting back at an effort of 5 again.


You can use pacing and the spoons theory for everything. It can make a difference to your quality of life and feel more in control.


I know it certainly has helped for me

Thank you again Daffodil for the link


Bev xxx



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Thing that helped me was the Brain talking to me.. " A Letter From Your Brain - By Stephanie St. Claire ©1996"


It made sense to keep calm and it sort of explains what we've been through it is under "Inspiration" I think xxx (short term lol)




It made me calmer to be with people who had their B.I. and the whole site helped me as I found people who could laugh again, so once again to Mods and Karen and Family a Big Thank You  xxxx  We are not alone  xxxx

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