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I am 5 months in now and still feel down but manage to get out and about i think its a mental issue more than anything x

I keep telling myself I am still mending but it does worry me sometimes that this is it ....

what do people mean new you in what way do we change or is it just the out look on life xxx :wink:

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Hi Donna

I think we do change after SAH in many ways but the hardest thing to accept is the actual fact that it has happened to us personally.

Once you learn to live with the new you, you will adapt to the fact that you maybe wont have as much energy and tire more easily.

Personally I am more laid back now and try not to let things bother me as much as the saying goes "lifes to short". I do still have problems with concentration if there is too much noise around me and I suffer with Nuerological pain on the left side of my head.

Its one big learning curve though and the most important thing is to listen to your body and strike a balance thats right for you. I think we are all guilty of pushing ourselves too far at times and not listening to our bodies but that is how we learn and adapt to our lives post-SAH.

Hope that helps a bit Donna.

Janet xx

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