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New aura

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had ruptured SAH and craniotomy cerebellum 10 months ago. Horrible headaches much better these days but still have dizziness and head fullness everyday

in last 2 days started getting aura like feeling on left near eye where looks like string or other object is there and can grab it

no pain but like 3D sensation 

is this something normal?



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Hi Laura


welcome to btg glad you have found us. 

The problems you are having sound like something that needs investigating possibly by an optician. Either that or is there a nurse specialist at neuro unit you were treated who could help? 


We we all get lots of funny sensations after a bleed and a lot settle in time but if you are unsure then seek medical advice. 


The dizziness i experience is much better now and only happens when I am tired or have over done things. 


Take life slowly, drink plenty of water and avoid stress.


Keep us us posted on your recovery


Clare xx



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Hi Laura,


Was a while back now and I used to get really itchy eyes so  got drops for eyes.  Recently I have been getting zig zag lines in the corner of my right eye as if a migraine.  Only comes when under pressure.


I take to my bed and it goes xx, so keep calm do not let people upset you etc etc. 


Keep panic  free  xxxx 

My Daughter has migraines and she had to have an MRI as I had an SAH and all was well  phew xxx

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Hi Laura,


I would say that this is something that you need to get checked out with your GP and explain your symptoms.


However, that's not to worry you ... Aura or migraine aura is something that I've experienced many years before my own SAH and I still get them. The first one was pretty scary and I experienced it when I was in my late twenties.... I also found that I was pretty light sensitive and glaring sun or the light from a light bulb, could set it off.


If this, is the first one that you've experienced and I can't say that your description of the aura resembles mine, as I have what's called the classic aura with zig zag lines ... normally pre-migraine, but sometimes I just get the aura and not the banging head.


Get yourself and blood pressure checked out with your GP. xx





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