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What I've achieved since my Stroke


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O no, not him again!! :lol:

Yep, it's me, last bit honest!! :twisted:

Is achieved the correct term? :?

Surviving each and everyday is an achievement in it's self, for anyone living with a disability.

Silly things what I/we used to take for granted, washing, walking, communicating, reading, household chores, the list could be endless.

Maybe the term adapting, would be more beneficial.

Yes it takes a lot longer than it did before. With a little perseverance everyday tasks can be achieved/Adapted. Maybe not to the standard it used to be, but enough to make the difference and not having to depend on too many other people.

As stated before, I'm involved with Stroke Clubs & Support in the area I live. Something I really enjoy doing. Knowing I've helped someone, make all the time I put into my voluntary work worth it.

Also I'm a volunteer, at a local computer group. Now this is something I'd never thought I would do. As when I was working, I employed a person to do all my paperwork, I hated it.

Now, I'm a secretary of my Stroke Club, collate papers about Stroke & Stroke related illnesses.

Working alongside the Stroke team, having input into the Stroke Service, in my area, sometimes I wish I was back at work.

No, seriously, I'm doing things I would never even thought of doing. My disability has made me stronger, more determined, and I want let people walk over me.

I didn't set a goal to have the longest introduction on this site. After reading and talking/chatting to many of the members of this excellent on-line family. I knew that if I could write as much down as I could, the highs and lows, and if people read it in full. They might see themselves in here. Then see there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and yes some tunnels are longer than others. Some just take your time, don't rush, and you will get there.

I've put the details of my last 4 posts, for anyone you want to read them again

All of you, thank you for your time. This is an excellent site, used by many. Sharing experiences, helps. Set yourself a daily goal, reaching/completing it also helps.

I'll close, this last chapter, some might say a novel. :lol::D

Take care

Keith Henman

Fellow Stroke Survivor

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Hi KeithH :D

Wow...what a journey!!! You really should be very proud of yourself for what you have achieved and do to help others!

Inspirational indeed and will help many that read your story :D:D Thank you for sharing it with us :D

Well done Keith!

Take care

Love Tinaxx

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Hi Keith,

Have now read them all Keith, it was good to work with you through all the Campaigning way back then and all the years since even when Strokewatch closed you were the one person who stayed with me, fighting for what we as stroke survivors' knew was right and wanted in our area of the UK, and for 18 months we were on our own.

One day, I may write in here and even tell people that we got no support whatsoever from the so called professional outside bodies who shout the loudest that they support all stroke survivors' and carers', anyway enough of me.

I know the work you have done over the years, the hours put in, and the results that followed, seen the things you have done for others when ill yourself I have never heard you say the word NO, when sometimes we both should have used that word.

This little bit is to say, THANK YOU KEITH, for your friendship and continuing friendship, have to go a long way to find another like you, KEITH.

From, me your fellow stroke survivor but most of all your friend.


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Keith it has made me think ( something i didnt think i was capable of :lol: ) you are right......

Tunnels are different lengths and i now know mine is an emotional adapiting tunnel i need to realise that the things i do in life now are slower but when i think about it slowing down is not a bad thing i used to rush round and miss the things going off in my life now i see it all x

so to me thats good....

My emotions to me are in a muddle but like yourself one day my mind will be free and taken up by helping others which is what i want to do x x

i want to be their like you are for others and help them find that path of healing x x ( any tips )


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