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Further coiling

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Hi everybody

After my fortnight of worry and concern I feel a lot better now. Has anybody out there had to have further coiling of their previously coiled aneurysm. Just wondering if the stay in hospital is the same, is it done under full anaesthetic as was the original or do they do it same as angiogram, do side effects return ie: exhaustion although I'm still getting that, is there a period of do's and dont's after procedure etc.

Thanks all for your support during my fortnight of hell apparently I was a B!!%%!! to live with, if it hadn't been for my missus Barbara I would have been climbing up the wall. Booked a long weekend away in October knowing my luck they'll pick that week for me to go in. By the way Karen I asked you what was best charity to donate money received at our 60th, well we raised over £600 so we gave half to Headway and half to Prostate Cancer so I am pleased with that.

Cheers All

John :D:D

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Hi John

I believe that coiling, although it is performed similar to an angiogram, has to be done under a general anaesthetic so your head doesn't move whilst they are doing it. Someone correct me if I'm wrong! Regarding headaches, tiredness, etc, and having no experience of a second coiling, I couldn't say, but someone else here may be able to help.

Hope you get some news on a date soon.



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Keith, as far as I'm aware, your information is correct. John, it's probably not unreasonable to expect the odd headache after the coiling, but would doubt that it would make you feel tired as such.....the general anaesthetic could probably cause you to feel a bit tired, but I'm no expert.... I would imagine that the groin area is probably going to be the tender bit and could be subject to the normal bruising etc.

John, that's wonderful news about the money that you and your wife managed to raise ..... it was a very kind gesture by you both and I'm sure that Headway will be delighted with the gift, as well as your cancer charity. :D

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I had a follow up coiling 18 months after the SAH and was a bit nervous but it all went very smoothly, I was in HDU for 24 hours with all the monitoring but felt fine afterwards other than a bit light headed for several days. It is done under anaesthetic. It was so nice to wake from the anaesthetic compos mentis as I was scared of feeling like I idid after the SAH. It was also nice to see the staff again who had looked after me when I was out of it and to reassure me that it hadn't shocked them in the same way it had my family. I had the op on the Monday, was home after a couple of days, able to drive, out gardening on the Friday, swimming on Saturday and back to work a couple of weeks later and started training for the marathon after 3 weeks.

I think the worrying about it was far worse beforehand but have since felt I've had the chance to get my life back together.

Good luck, Lauren


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