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Anti depressants

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Just picked up my prescription from the GP for anti-depressants after having a chat with him on the phone this morning.

He's put me on Prozac and I've just swallowed my first one, after sitting and looking at the packet for about 10 mins. I'm still wary about taking pills, as taking the anti seizure med, Phenytoin has left its mark indelibly printed on my brain after suffering side effects.

Anyway, watch this space and hopefully in a couple of weeks I shall start to feel some benefit.

Really miss talking to you guys ...... I'm having internet withdrawal along with the rest of the family! :cry:

Love to you all,

K x

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Hi Karen

I sincerely hope that it all goes according to plan. If this is going to help you through this crappy time then you go for it girl!!! The anti-deps are there for a reason so you better not be feeling bad about taking them.

You keep that chin up girl and know that we're all thinking of you and all love and miss you.

I'm proud of you for what you have achieved and the decisions you have made.

Lots of love and sending huge dial up hugs (so you should be able to get them in a fortnight :lol: )

Sami xxx

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Karen-strangely I had a long chat yesterday with a chap who hopefully will be looking on this website soon.

Soton asked if I would mind talking with him as he was similar to me with an SAH no cause found ....but a year behind me.

We discussed the anti dep issue in depth and he is having issues a year down the road from the SAH-I also had some of my own a year ago.

We had quite a few common things between us including our age.

There is a point where only you know how you really feel and Prozac is very good..my wife had it for over a year and it helped her.

It is getting off that is the thing to do very gradually.

Anyway..I hope you will be all the better for it.

Hurry up and get your IP sorted!!

Best Wishes

Andy P


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Hi there

Yes we are all thinking of you.

But it will help you through a crapy time it was good that you called the doc & had a chat I know what you mean about meds leaving their mark but its not all like that Karen honistly :roll:

Sending you a big hug too mines will take ages to get their on dial up comming from Scotland ha!ha!


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Hi Guys,

Many thanks for your good wishes....makes me feel heaps better....Annie, do get broadband.....dial up is awful, you really are missing out, can't believe that this is what I used to use many moons ago!! :lol: Let me know if you eventually want me to send the "Brain Hospital" video to you...will probably tape the next couple of weeks worth as well.

I've really missed speaking to you guy's.....but, your support is so lovely to have and I love you all!!

Sending love and hugs back to each one of you....thanks again for your kind wishes.

Love K x :D

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Hi Annie,

Glad that the guy's are able to help you out! :D

Placebo would be a good name! :lol: Think I'm going to have to take my tabs before I go to bed, as I'm needing a nap in the afternoon!! But, yep, I'm feeling better, apart from them making me feel tired! Still, we can't have it all!!

Have a good weekend,

Love K xx

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Yes, Karen, I've always been instructed to take mine just before bed for that very reason.

Still coughing here but I have my voice back today. Took the Thanksgiving decor down and put up the big wreath on the house. I think Jack and I are just going to get cell phones for xmas for each other. Maybe something small to unwrap too. The high speed internet has to wait until the 2007 budget kicks in. :/

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Hi Annie,

Cell phones are a nice idea for Xmas pressies.....Chris, my son bought me a new one for my birthday this year.......it's a very basic model, but I didn't want too many gizmo's etc.....my brain doesn't handle over complicated stuff now.

I'm waiting to take my tabs before bed tonight.....I had to have another rest at lunchtime today......they also seem to affect my sight, they make it even more blurry.....but I do feel better in myself, which is the main thing.

Glad that you're cold is slightly better Annie, hope that you've been resting up...

Look after yourself and take care,

Lots of love K xx

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