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Road trip?

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My three kids are going on a four day get away with my sister (her 11yo son) and my mom.


I am really considering going because they are teens and they want their mom to go.?  Even though honestly, just thinking about what to pack overwhelms me. And I'm uneasy about not being close to home if there is an emergency (although I know that's unlikely).  


Do you think it's just the newness of it all?... Being uncomfortable leaving home? Or maybe it really is too soon? Did anyone do a roadtrip 6 weeks out?  

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Hello Valene and also welcome to BTG.


Life and recovery after SAH/ NASAH is unique to each individual  You will read again and again on this site that time and patience are so important so that your brain and body can begin to recover.


While having a trip with your young family is nice, you have to consider the likely reaction you will have to the trip.

A lengthy road trip can be exhausting in itself and if you are trying to keep up with your family on the holiday, the last thing you will want is to be a burden to them.


Ideally when you are only six weeks post bleed, a short break where you are not pressured and can spend time resting while the family do their pursuits, would be a much wiser course for you to take.


Depending on the distance ….. also consider advice from your medics who know your condition.


On the bigger picture, recovery can be a long journey and for a better outcome always be kind to your brain and body and give them time to heal.


I hope you make the decision that is right for you.






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It's really your call.  I know this early out you still have some fears, but that will get better.  Mostly you will have to battle fatigue and headaches.  You said your kids are teens.  I would suggest that if you decided to go, you have a discussion with them and let them know that they are taking care of the packing, unpacking and anything else strenuous.  Also that Mommy will need rests and will not be participating in all events.


Since your injury is not visible, you have to get them to understand that you are healing just like if you had a broken leg or something they could see.

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Hi Valene welcome to BTG,


I was only out of hospital 3 weeks when I took a 2 hour journey to our holiday home, I have to admit it was a really difficult journey and we made 3 stops on the way, I know 2 hours doesn't sound very long but I was totally wiped out and very dizzy when we arrived at our destination.


I did ask the medical team if it was ok for me to travel and they did say It depended on how I was feeling and to make sure I took any information I was given on my discharge from hospital with me, which I did. 

I don't have children so I can't really comment on that side of things but I did spend nearly all of the 2 weeks sleeping, I really wished I hadn't gone but I didn't want to spoil it for my partner after all he had been through a very stressful time too.


Like Sub's said your body and brain need time to heal and it does take a long time, you may feel that because you are there you have to join in with everything that is going on, when you really don't feel up to it, will you be able to rest if and when you need to, these are all things to take into consideration when you make your decision, if you do decide to go the advice Chris has given you about getting the teens to do packing and the strenuous stuff is a great idea, just make everyone concerned aware that you have to still take things slowly and will need lots of rest.


Good luck with whatever you decide to do, just be kind to yourself.


Michelle xx 

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Thank you all so much for the welcome and taking the time to reply to me. Wise words on all accounts... in preparation for going, I think I overdid it. Honestly, it didn't seem like much exertion, but I was in the bed on prescription pain killers (I had only used Tylenol the past two weeks). So, I guess my body decided for me. While I didn't go,  I'm glad I felt bad before leaving instead of it hitting me like that on the trip.


@Chris, I really like the example of the broken leg.

Thank you again, everyone.

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