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visit to neurosurgeon

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Hello to everyone!

Went to Gran Canaria for my check-up last Thursday. Saw the neurosurgeon who had clipped me for the first time since July. My scan showed OK. I had a long list of questions to ask him and I learned a few other things too. He´s only concerned about certain swallowing problems I still have. Can´t eat without a glass of water near me just in case I can´t get the food down. I always thought that had to do with the fact of having had so many tubes stuck down my throat for so long during the 2-month coma and that I just needed time, but apparently the occipital region of the brain (where my aneurism was) is the one that controls that function. He just said we had to pay attention to that and to always eat in an upright position. Next visit in six months time.

When I asked him how long for my bone to heal, he answered none because apparently I had a good chunk of internal bone removed permanently so they could get to the aneurysm. The things I find out when I ask the right questions! I can´t touch the back of my head. People don´t see anything weird about it but now it gives me the creeps!

Anyhow, glad to be back and cleared. It´s weird, I was watching a film called Babel with my daughter and towards the end there´s this scene in which a helicopter rushes in to take Brad Pitt's wife to the hospital. I had seen this film 3 times before and the helicopter scene had always been my favourite one because of the photography and the beautiful music. Watching it again tonight brought back my own memories of my chopper trip and it can still hit me hard when I realize that all this happened to me and not to someone else. Sometimes the reminders are tough to deal with because each day I feel more "normal" again.

I was nervous before my appointment and the previous night found comfort and support in the chat room. I once again thank the members of this board for all the assistance, good advice and help I have received. I really believe my recovery would have been totally different had I not found you all!

Blessings and lots of love,


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Hi Nurianna :D:D I know how i felt the first time i went back after being clipped, like you had a long list of questions....and have had a large metal plate fixed in the side of my head where they removed bone and metal plate and screws to reconnect my cheek bone. Mine was at the stem of my brian. It is amazing what they can do! It is such a relief to get answers....stops you worrying so much about everything.....mending pains etc. Glad your appointment went well.

Take care Love Tinaxx

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