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Coming up to 1 year post-SAH...

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Hi all,

I'm fast approaching the first anniversary of my SAH. "It" came as an out-of-the-blue surprise to me and those around me as I was fit and (relatively) young at 38. I initially had a fast rate of recovery, but feel like I have plateaued in recent months. I was wondering why I was still getting headaches and experiencing fatigue if my MRI scans returned great results and the blood irritation had dissipated?   


So I found your forum and had a quick scan through other's posts.  This has reassured me that I'm actually tracking OK (seems that I'm getting off quite lightly in comparison to many). So a big 'thanks' to those who have shared their experiences and tips for coping already. Understanding what's going on seems to make it all less daunting. 


I returned to work around 2 months after the SAH, but only 4 hrs for 4 days a week, and that's still about as much as I can handle at the moment. Physically I'm at about 90-95% of where I was at pre-SAH, back playing football and hitting the gym (albeit with a tempered programme).  But it's the concentration with reading/writing/problem solving that still knocks me around (which is what my job entails). That, and I've got three young boys, including an 'very independent' 3 year old.


Sometimes I wonder how you distinguish between the symptoms of the SAH and parenthood.  At least the tolerance/short-fuse problems I was having earlier in the recovery have pretty much rescinded. Did anyone else have that?


My employer has been very understanding and supportive, which is particularly fortunate as you don't need any extra stress. The SAH has changed my perspective on a lot of things actually - especially about not sweating the small stuff. Little inconveniences are simply not worth the energy. 


Another matter I was hoping to tap into your collective knowledge and experience on was managing family life - the kids seem to take it all in stride, but I'm conscious of the extra load my reduced capacity places on my wife.


Any tips/comments on the above would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks again,


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I came on here and found quite a few on here who made me laugh and I thought if they can laugh so can I.


It does help to know we are not alone, as for your Wife tell her you appreciate her load and will help when stronger or on a good day go out just you 2 if you have anyone to have children xx 


Agrees with Casey on the water xx  and isn't it good to be alive xx 


I knew I was getting better as Hubs and Daughter were so good and kind ...old hat now lol xxxx J/k they went through it with me and I couldn't ask for a better family, when I needed them they were there for me, watching my back as the saying goes xx


Sisters sang to me awoke singing Irish songs lol go figure xxxx 


Keep happy and come into green room for general chit chat xx good luck  xxx

Winb143 xxxxx


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Welcome Simon.


I, like you, have had a fairly easy recovery compared to some in this group.  I have come to realize that we all have our stories to tell, and none are better than others.  My bleed came out of nowhere, as well, and I may never know why.  I’m almost 2 years post bleed, and I still struggle with fatigue and some memory/word retrieval problems - especially when I am tired.


I have to say though, for me, the worse challenge I faced ( still face) is the anxiety, depression and mental health issues that creep up every so often.  Is this “the headache?”  Is this feeling normal?  You get the idea.  This group has been a god send. People here get it.  We’ve all been through the same challenges.


This is a safe place, where no question is too dumb, or feeling too silly.  This place has given me reassurance that I am not going nuts, there are many people feeling the same as  I do, or experiencing the same symptoms as I have.  You feel validated, and that lifts your spirit up.


i trust you will find many suggestions/answers to your questions.  Visit often, it will help you have an awesome day!

Take care,


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Hi Simon,


Welcome to site...I can say it no better than Patc said it "This is a safe place, where no question is too dumb, or feeling too silly" I am coming up up on 18 months since my SAH followed by vasospasm... This type of event seems to change everything...but I am finding (ever so slowly) that there may be a new sense of normal.  I haven't gotten there yet but I do see it and feel it on occasion.  


This group has been my go to place...reminding me I am not alone...My family is awesome but they only understand so much, and I couldn't ask for more.  Wishing everyday is a better day for you....and all of us..



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