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On this day in 2016 I had my stroke.

Johnnie M

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On this day in 2016 I had my stroke. Well, a headache actually which I was told was a stroke. A bit of vision loss and perhaps some memory obfuscation but otherwise I am all good. In a few days time I shall also have been tobacco free for two years. Yesterday I had been driving again for 4 months. I love it! Fuel costs are hitting me hard but I am not ready to go electric, despite the amazing torque those machines have! Internal combustion engine all the way for me!


And a bon journee to you all.

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Hi Johnnie :) 


Congratulations on all you have achieved after your stroke.

Thank you for sharing and for all your helpful supportive posts that have and will help many.


Wishing you a continued bon journee and hope you have a wonderful day.


Take care

Tina xx 


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Hi Johnnie,


Had to look up ob word, I have trouble remembering what people said 5 minutes ago xx 


You are doing well, I had my SAH4 in 2009 just about getting brave enough to stand in shower.   No Chair and

walking approx. 350  yards/metres a day but was told I'll never walk again so slowly with me, seems the key.


Keep going forward and well done . 


All the best 


Win xxxx




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You may be right Daffodil! One horsepower? Yikes!! I will be the chap who needs to get a carriage that takes two horses (much like the Citroen 2CV, deux chevaux). The 2CV is actually one of my favourite cars of all time. It is hilarious to drive and couldn't pull the skin off a rice pudding (as my Grandpa used to say). It was, nonetheless, full of character and it never failed to illicit a wave from other 2 CV drivers, much like the British sports car marque, TVR (which have engines at completely the opposite end of the scale! 



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