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7 Years Out and still have symptom clusters

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Hi everyone, 


I have been having symptoms that come and go. 


I can be fine for months at a time and then suddenly they are back.  They include spikes in blood pressure, chills (actually shiver), cold sweats, blurry vision, dizziness and muscle twitching and spasm. 


They only thing out of these I had prior to the SAH was occasional muscle spasms.  I have been to neurologists, cardiologists, about every kind of "ologist" there is with no definitive results. 


Anyone else a few years out who has intermittent symptoms or similar symptoms?

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Hello DeeDee and a warm welcome to BTG.


Thank you for posting. 


While we offer no medical advice, you will find much support from the information within the various forums, and I am sure others will share their experiences of the many highs and lows of life post SAH.


As the years pass, it can be challenging to diagnose what symptoms are a result of SAH and what is simply due to ageing and lifestyle.


Please feel free to share in the Introduce Yourself section, about how SAH has affected you from the initial trauma of seven years ago.


Also pay a visit to the Green Room where members share in daily `light` banter about whatever is on their minds





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Hi Dee Dee,


Welcome to Behind the Gray. 


I get twitches in the eye and feel like I'm winking but seriously see Doc again and ask him if it is natural as I was out for an age after my SAH so all I know is after having shunt put in I still got headaches, and I always wake up with one grrr ..it is scary as we think "Is this another one happening"


Could be the worry of you thinking it could be one and just put mind at ease and see Doc again.  


Wishing you all the best and try not to stress easy to say but harder to do. 


My Surgeon said "No Stress"  so I sang and that was stressful also lol.  Wishing you all the best how I got over it was by singing happy songs and remembering happy times but each has their own way of coping.  

Good luck and keep drinking water xxx  


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Hi Dee, it might be worth having some blood tests done? Not sure of your age, but certainly worth to see if you're defiecient in anything .... I was found to be be lacking in Vit D, Calcium, Iron  etc ... don't give up!  xx

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