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Out of the Blue


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So.... like most of you I am fit and active, a non-smoker, not overweight and have never been ill in my life, so my idiopathic subarachnoid haemorrhage 6 weeks ago was a nasty shock. Despite walking (around 3 miles every other day), shopping, cooking, seeing friends etc. I am still feeling like I have perpetual jet lag and I am experiencing a range of weird sensations.


But specifically, can anyone help me with the following:


- I have developed a tremor in my hands over the last 10 days, I am quite frightened by this symptom which is not going away. I am eating really well and also taking a vitamin and mineral supplement containing magnesium, but I can’t get rid of this, has anyone else experienced this? Did it go away? Is it a sign of something more serious?


- During my stay in hospital I had a CTA scan, a MRI scan and 2 Angiograms, none of which found the cause of the bleed. The consultant now wants to do a follow up Angiogram at 3 months. I am worried about this as I had a bad reaction after the 2nd angiogram and found both quite distressing. Has anyone else experienced that? Has anyone had a 3rd angiogram that found something where the original ones did not? 


Thanks in anticipation

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Welcome to BTG.

I have not had a tremor problem but coordination is not very good. Possibly someone may come along who has.


As for the reaction you had to the angiogram it should be down in your notes and they should give you something to alleviate another one. Make sure you bring the fact of your reaction to their attention when you go for the next one, just in case it has not been noted.


Meanwhile listen to your body and make sure you keep well hydrated, it really does help with the healing.

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Hi Blueberry a very warm welcome to BTG :)


I also developed tremors in my hands a few weeks after my SAH, that were quite bad, especially when tired.

They did last about 6 months and gradually eased off, but if i over did things it came back.

Keep doing what you are doing and make sure you rest up lots as 6 weeks is very early in your recovery.


I had 2 angiograms and did not find them uncomfortable. As Super has said above, make sure they are aware that you had a nasty reaction, they may find another way or something to help you.


Glad you found us, keep in touch and let us know how you are doing.


Take care

Tina xx  



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Hi Blueberry,


See Doc and see if he knows what it can be and apart from keep drinking water I am no help but I hope they go.


I worried about every pain I had and made myself a nervous wreck until my Daughter told me about this site and to know we are not alone is a great help xxxx


Good luck and keep well xxxx

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