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Frustrated with family

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Hi folks! 


First I apologize for being MIA for awhile. I've been trying to find a PT job since my brain can't function in my previous career area. 


I am wondering if anyone has a family that has figured out how to strike a balance between giving you a break because you have brain problems and treating you like a child.


i forget things all day and my husband and teenagers still get extremely frustrated with me. But when I ask them not to get so frustrated they remind me that I don't want to be treated like a child. How do I help them understand?

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Hey there hun


Firstly there is a distinct difference between being frustrated with someone and treating them like a child and they need to know this.  Also they need to have more patience with you rather than making you feel like you're frustrating them.


If there are things you need to remember, write them down on post it notes and put them in a prominent place so that you can see them.  If you have appointments get a wall calendar and also put them in your phone with an alert to go off with plenty of time before so that you don't miss them.


At the end of the day you are, quite literally, the injured party and they need to adopt patience so that they don't make you feel like they're treating you like a child.  By the same token, you need to remember that they are not treating you like a child, they are trying to help - and at times this is going to frustrating for you all.  Patience and understanding all round is the ticket xx

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Print off "a letter from your Brain" and E mail it to them as it explains what you and brain have been through.


My hubs tries that and Daughter.   I give them the look which means "Don't push your Luck" and if on a downer I have noticed I cuss a lot.  My brain can take laughter but not taking me for the brunt of comments, then they know they have gone a step too far.  


Perhaps you should say to them "Crossed the line" and do what you want!!  


I knew I was better as my family started to joke about me sometimes we can take it other times I start cussing at them !! Not proud of this.  It shuts them up though xxx  Good luck and while you was ill bet they were worried for you.  So try if possible to say" you can laugh with me but never at me!"


Good luck 

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