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Hi, my husband had a SAH in September 2018 and it has turned my life and our 2 children's lives upside down. I am sat here looking for some kind of positive as I was told on Friday that my husband is in a minimal conscious state and that the next step is to complete JFK assessments and that because he still has a tracheostomy he can't come home.


In November he was moving more, putting his thumb up, sticking his tongue out and responding to commands. To look at him you couldn't tell what had happened. This is a different picture today and after speaking to the consultant I feel that she has taken away every bit of hope and belief I had. 

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Hello Lynette … and also a warm welcome to BTG …. at a time when you are feeling such despair.  You are among friends.

It is so hard to watch the hand that your husband has been dealt by SAH …


There are carers and families on this site who have also  watched their loved ones fight for life,  feeling so helpless as they too have waited anxiously for any sign that a corner had been turned. They understand your emotions and feelings of despair.


While there is life there is hope … please don`t ever give up …. and be strong for your husband now and as the JFK Assessment takes place.


Stay with him and talk often as he lies there.


Wishing you and your children strength and courage through these difficult days.


Please keep in touch




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Hi Lynette,

I awoke up after a year of being here,  but not taking much in, so I am told.  So outlook was doom and gloom for me.


I have a good husband and Daughter who stood by me and were kindness and beyond what I ever expected.  Sisters came up and sang once a week. So my happiness helped me get through it.


Your husband needs you more than ever, I was given doom and gloom outlook, none of this I remember.  So my advice to you is keep him happy and never give up on him xxxx  As my OT's I didn't like and they said to put me in a home as I'll never be the same.  Don't ask me why I didn't like them as I also called them witches.  Perhaps I was correct lol. 

I couldn't eat solids and my Daughter came to see me and saw a yoghurt pot by my bed.  ...Still cannot remember a lot but I am so happy to be here and this site is a godsend any time you are down there is always someone who can understand what you are going through...Once shunt was in as it drained all fluid from my brain xx.        

Since then I have never looked back.


Good luck to you both xxxx  (My short term memory is getting better but still pretty bad.)  But that's the last of my worries.   


Keep writing and let us know how hubby gets on xxxx xx keep talking to him xxxx



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Hi Lynette a very warm welcome to BTG :)


So pleased you found BTG as it has some really helpful information and as Subs & Win have already said, there are many of us here that can empathise and support you on your good or bad days. Never give up hope, be strong and remember to look after yourself. Such a devastating emotional worrying time for you and your family.


Wishing your husband well for his JFK assessments, keep in touch and let us know how you are all doing.


Take care

Love Tina xx   

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