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Child birth after AVM

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About 6 years ago I had an AVM bleed on my frontal left lobe. I had brain surgery to remove the AVM. I am now 6 months pregnant and my Obgyn wants written consent from my neurosurgeon on whether I can have a natural birth or if a csection is needed. The problem is my neurosurgeon is no longer practicing.


Just curious if anyone has giving birth after brain surgery to remove an AVM and if they did it naturally or had a c section. 

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HI there and welcome to BTG.


I' not sure that any of our members have given birth after an AVM but there are a couple who have since their SAH.  You say your neurosurgeon is no longer practicing, but surely there will be someone in that department who can look at your records and and your case and advise your Obgyn accordingly.  Ask them to write to them as your surgeon is no longer practicing.

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Hi there I have had two children naturally since my sah caused by ruptured aneurysm I had two brain aneurysms both been clipped xxx


I would really try not to worry though and speak to your Dr they wanted me to abort my first child (thank God I didn't listen my neurosurgeon said I would be fine) get in touch with your neurosurgeons office someone will be able to help xxx


And congratulations on your baby xxx

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Hello, I know I'm a bit late to the conversation here but I too have had a child after having two SAH's. My neurosurgeon said I was fine to have her naturally and so that's exactly what I did,


Hope all is going well.

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