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Waiting for results of an operation

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A question for those treated by the NHS: how long did you have to wait to learn the outcome of your operation?

I had a stent inserted (inside a failed stent, which was inserted to fix a leaking coiling) on 1 February 2019. I now have an angiogram booked, the results of which I'm told will be available in early December.


Ten months seems too long (very stressful wait). I'm curious about how long others had to wait to find out whether their operations had been a success.

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Hi Andrew a very warm welcome to BTG.


I cant help you with your answers re your stent, but there are others here that can.

I can really appreciate how very stressful it must be for you . the waiting and the not knowing.

Here is a link to other posts about stents, hope this may help you.




You will find lots of helpful information and caring support from others here.

Take care and keep in touch,



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Hi Andrew


Warm welcome to the site, glad that you found us.


Yes the waiting is horrendous I have a shunt and tube no stent so cant answer that, but I was told that they leave it about 6months plus to let things settle down...  


Take care


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Hi Andrew I was at Kings College and was in cuckoo land for a year after a time I was sent to Maidstone where they told me/Family I wont improve and to say goodbye to who I once was. Put me in a home (Cannot use rude words on here but would have).  I had hydrocephalus  which kept me  in  unresponsive condition. 


Couldn't think straight and it was all a dream, so my hubby told Male Nurse at Kings and I saw original Surgeon and he suggested a shunt be put in ..I woke up and sang to nurse and was home in 3 days.  My dogs were pleased to see me so if worried was you given a Nurses No. you could ring?  If so ring them or get hold of your surgeon again ..Good luck xxxx

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