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Hello, I am Mark Rigg, back in 2016 i had a stroke. I only had 72 hours to live but I pulled through it. i just can not move my left hand anymore and the thing Is, i am left handed as well. So you see it has been so hard. But getting there. I am driving again now after 3 years, I have a new car as well. 


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Hi Mark


Thank you for sharing your story and welcome to BTG. Great to read you are doing so well and getting there.  Wishing you well with your on going recovery. Enjoy driving your new car. 


Take care


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I am walking after told to be put in home as I'll never be same phew thanks to Family xxxx


Here to prove them wrong ..Human spirit steps in  and tells us we can ..800 yards walking but  aim is to walk without back going on me  a whole weeks shopping  xxxx


Well done Mark and keep on proving them wrong  xxxx  Welcome to BTG  my short name for this site  xxxx


A godsend when you have a down day and just to know we are not alone in this  xxxx


Welcome and keep on keeping on xxxxx



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Hi Welcome to BTG.


I am left handed too but fortunately am able to use it.  Good that you are driving again and learning to adapt to your current circumstances. Keep battling away and hopefully you will slowly improve - it takes time as I'm sure you are aware by now.


Well done on your progress so far!

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